May 10, 2011

Just a Thought

I found this on the internet and thought I would share it here. I miss you all and think of you. One day God will create an opportunity for me to return to blogging regularly. (...and maybe get a new blog design too. Mine is awful! LOL!)

Mary had a little lamb,
His fleece was white as snow.
And everywhere that Mary went,
The Lamb was sure to go.
He followed her to school each day,
Twasnt even in the rule.
He made the children laugh and play.
To have a Lamb at school.
And then the rules all changed one day,
illegal it became;
To bring the Lamb of God to school,
Or even speak his Name.
Everyday got worse and worse,
And days turned into years.
Instead of hearing children laugh,
We heard gun shot and tears.
What must we do to stop the crime,
That's in our schools today?
Let's let the Lamb come back to school,
And teach our children to pray!

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"A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!" ...Maya Angelou