Aug 31, 2009

Dear God

Dear God,

I'm having a little problem and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me out. It's about this aging process. I'm having kind of a tough time with it. I was just looking at a picture of myself taken a year ago and noticed I only had one chin back then. And these jowls are most unbecoming. Do you think it would be okay to tweak the gravitational pull just a tad? I suspect it's due for calibration.

I'm sure it would help to decrease, or even eliminate the pain I get in the balls of my feet when I stand or walk for more than an hour. I could then go back to walking miles and get in shape again, I know you are concerned with my health and fitness.

I'm sure my back wouldn't hurt when I sit on the floor, and my knees would once again be able to move me from that position to a standing position without complaint. I believe my scale would give a more accurate weight reading as well.

The girls have started trying to play with the jiggle on the back of my arms lately. The gravitational pull is clearly a bit too strong since I am exercising with weights but the girls still want to play with the jiggle. There are a few other places that seem to have more of jiggle these days too and I am so thankful that you have allowed those areas to escape their attention.

Thank you God that you hear me and that you promise to take care of all my needs. This one little thing would be most helpful.


A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!

Aug 28, 2009

Goodie, Goodie, Goodie! Treasure!

Do you know what these girls are doing? Well if you read THIS POST at the beginning of the year, you would know that they are picking out a prize from the Memory Verse Treasure Box.

We lost a chunk of time but we are back to memorizing scripture and choosing fun treasures. I have also decided to try to do a craft project to coincide with the memory verses to make it a bit more fun and plant the seeds a little deeper. I don't know how this is going to work out since they start school tomorrow but I'm still going to give it a try.

I will be adding a new item to my menu bar called Kid's Korner, where these will be posted along with other fun kid activities. We have already done two memory verse projects so I'm behind in posting. I hope to get those posted next week so stay tuned.


A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!

Aug 26, 2009

It All Began with a Cup of Whine

Do you have some whine in your home? You know, that high pitched, long drawn out moaning kind of whine that includes slumped shoulders, a heavy head, and severe dramatization. Miss Personality brought some in my home one day that went something like this... "I'm sooooo boorrred. Can we pleeeease make a project?" So I grabbed a cup to put that whine in. And some construction paper, google eyes, glue, a sharpie, and a cotton ball.

The end result was three happy little girls and their bunnies. This project took about 5 minutes to make and had the girls playing happily together for about an hour. Woooo!


A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!

Aug 25, 2009

Tuesday Tips

Kelly Combs's Tips for Moms

Today is Tuesday and you know what that means... Oh wait, wrong meme... that's ADHD-Jo's meme. Her sister Chatty Kelly also had a meme on Tuesday called Tuesday Tips. That's how I met those two. Well that's how I met Kelly. Hey I just discovered that that was exactly one year ago last Wednesday, 8/19/08.

Anyway, It turns out I was the only person to post a tip in her meme so it turned out to be a very short lived meme. But it began a friendship with a fun and encouraging lady, and her sister and friends too.

Since then I sometimes think up some little tip (nothing spectacular) and think, that would have been good for Tuesday Tips. As providence would have it, Kelly recently started writing a column that offers tips for stay at home moms. So all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. Kelly got to write her Tuesday Tips, and on any day of the week she feels like, and the rest of us get to benefit from the fruit of her labor.

If you get a chance, click on the button at the top of this post and take a look at her column. Her articles are short so it only takes a moment.

Now I will leave you with my Tuesday Tip:

I was talking with a friend of mine the other night and she was laughing at how her hard boiled eggs look after she peels them. You know, when the shell doesn't want to come off without taking big chunks of the white with it so you end up with a cratered egg.

Do you want to prevent that from happening? Well here's how you can.

After you pour the boiling water out of the pan, leave the eggs in it and fill it with cold water. Then peel the eggs under the water. That will allow the peel to slide off easily without tearing up the egg and it will wash off any missed shell pieces as well.

Gee I could have my own cooking show. Maybe not. :)


A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!

Aug 23, 2009

Project 365 - Sort of

Project 365

It's time for Project 365 again! Sara at Make Music From Your Heart to the Lord is our hostess. Click on the link to visit her and the others sharing their week in pictures.

Ok to be honest here, this isn't exactly my week in daily doses. These are just some of the photos I have taken over the last couple of weeks in my attempt to get back into the swing of things. Work with me here. :)

After designing Lisa's Living a FIT Life blog and Debbie's Heart Choices blog, I felt compelled to get in shape and eat healthier. Of course it's always more fun with someone you love so I forced invited the girls to praisercise with me. We try to do this on a daily basis but we miss sometimes. Water bottles make good weights.

It just wouldn't be exercise without a hula hoop. Right Kelly?

This little girl can really swing!

She thinks she looks like a princess. She has never heard of or seen a hippie. Maybe she's trend setter. LOL.

Can you tell this one likes the camera?

This is what I saw when I walked past the computer room one day so I stopped to take a picture.

This look means "Uh oh, am I in trouble for sitting on the desk?" She was smiling as soon as she found out she wasn't.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. I will try to do it the right way next time. :)


A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!

Aug 20, 2009

If 10% is Good Enough for Jesus...

Take a few minutes and listen to this song. It is so appropriate for the times we're in.


A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!

Aug 13, 2009

Obedience Brings Blessing

I have a friend who has a newer Impala sitting in his driveway that he drives to work a couple of days a week instead of his truck. He purchased the Impala a few months ago with his 18 year old daughter in mind. You see she had found herself in a situation without a job, car, or a place to live, that is unless she moved away from her friends and back home with her mom or her grandma. She didn't want to move away from her friends so she called her dad looking for help.

She had rarely ever contacted him in the past, except when she needed something from him, and he had only just learned that she was living near him even though she had been living in the area for 6 months. My friend met with his daughter a few times and listened to her tell her situation.

He then went out and purchased the Impala. He had decided that he would invite her to live with him so she would need something to drive in order for her to get a job, but she knew nothing of his plans at the time. When he invited her to live with him he made it clear that she would have to obey his rules in his home. She declined his offer. In doing so, she unknowingly lost a blessing that he already had prepared for her. She still doesn't know what she lost and she is suffering hardship as a result of her decision.

I can't help but wonder about the blessings I have lost in the times I have decided not to be obedient to God. He is preparing a blessing for me, I don't want to lose it.

What about you? God is preparing a blessing for you. Will you choose to walk in obedience or go your own way?

Oh Lord, forgive me for the times that I have chosen to walk in disobedience to you. I have already seen great loss of blessing for my past decisions. Thank you that you are a God full of grace and mercy. Help me to be obedient in these circumstances. Give me wisdom and discernment to make right choices and work them out appropriately. In Jesus Name ~ Amen


A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!

Neno's Award

Andrea at Arise to Write kindly gifted me with this Neno's Award. Neno's award is given to those who love blogging, love to encourage friendships through blogging, and who help others seek the reasons why we all love blogging. Thank you Andrea for thinking of me.

I have met so many wonderful people through blogging and you all deserve to be awarded. So I am doing just that. I present this award to every one of my dear bloggy friends. Your friendship has meant the world to me.


A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!

Aug 10, 2009

It's All About Me Again

This came to me in an email. I don't do these kinds of things through email, but I thought it would be fun to share it here. Feel free to play along if you want.

1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? --- Yes but I don't know her.




5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? --- All the time.

6. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? --- Probably not. We would be too much alike.

7. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? --- Not as much as I used to but still more than I should.

8. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS --- No the jar broke and I had to throw them out. Just kidding. :) Yes.

9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? --- No, trampolines are all the bounce I can handle.

10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? --- Lucky Charms and Raisin Bran

11. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? --- Only if they have shoelaces.

12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? --- Only when I'm weak, then I'm strong and I'm weak all the time so I must be strong.

13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? --- Mocha Almond Fudge.

14. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE? --- It really depends but probably their personality traits.

15. Red or pink? --- It depends on my mood. Lately it's been red.


17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? --- My Papa (Daddy) and my Grandma.


19. WHAT COLOR SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? --- My feet are naked.

20. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? --- Sunflower seeds. Do you know they come with instructions? More on this later.

21. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? --- The golden sound of silence... and the ac running in the background.

22. IF YOU WHERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? --- I can't pick just one. I'm a chameleon. Like this one.

23. FAVORITE SMELLS? --- Cologne on a man. --- Chocolate chip cookies baking. --- Fresh air after it rains. --- These are just a few.



26. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? --- I would rather be at a rodeo. The bull riders are amazing! YeeHaw!

27. Your Hair Color? --- Brown

28. EYE COLOR? --- Green


30. FAVORITE FOOD? --- Depends on my mood. I have lots.

31. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS? --- Happy endings.



34. SUMMER OR WINTER? --- Spring

35. HUGS OR KISSES? --- Depends.

36. FAVORITE DESSERT? --- Chocolate cream pie sounds good.



39. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? --- Nothing while I'm on the computer.

40. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? --- My mouse. Ok there's a picture of two tiger cubs under the mouse.

41. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON TV LAST NIGHT? --- Don't watch tv.

42. FAVORITE SOUND? --- Laughter of my grandgirls. The fighting I can do without.



45. DO YOU HAVE (A) SPECIAL TALENT(S)? --- God gives us all something special.

46. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? --- In a hospital.


A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!

Aug 7, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Wednesday, August 5, was the 24th anniversary of my Daddy's death, today is the anniversary of the day I found him. I drove to my grandma's house to deliver the news to her. My grandma (dad's mom) raised me for about 7 years of my life and was more like a mom to me. Ironically, Wednesday was also the 9th anniversary of her death. As I started to tell her, I realized that as much as this news hurt me, it would hurt her more because she was his mom. All I could say was "I just came from Daddy's" and she ended up completing the sentence.

I was very close to my Papa (that's what I called my dad). My mom left us, my dad, my sister and me, when I was 3-4 years old. My Papa, with the help of his mom, did his best at raising two little girls. He remarried and a couple of years after that, my sister and I went to live with my grandma. Eventually, I went back to live with my Papa. He was separated then and it was just me and him.

I don't remember ever hearing him say "I love you", although I'm sure he did when I was little. I don't remember him kissing me or hugging me but I'm sure he did when I was little. There are a number of things that I wish he would have done differently that impacted my life, but I have never doubted that he loved me. My Papa was just not an openly affectionate man. He did give some of the best mushy, loving, girly cards for birthdays though. We didn't do a lot together or go on yearly vacations but I always enjoyed being in his presence.

My dad was a quiet man and had a lot of patience. He chuckled more than laughed. He loved sports and westerns and spent much of his time watching TV. He worked hard and took care of his family even when we weren't living with him. He was a man of integrity.

We could hardly have a conversation that didn't involve us disagreeing (strongly) about something, but we could still laugh and not get angry about it (most of the time). I could be myself with my dad. I could say what was on my mind without fear (much). He even told me once that one of his favorite things about me was that I did speak my mind to him. Sometimes he shook his head and chuckled at me, sometimes he got angry with me, and most of the time he disagreed with me but I always knew he loved me.

I don't know if my Papa ever gave his life to Christ before he died, I wasn't a believer yet myself. But I do know that he loved me. Sometimes it's much easier to see the sin and the things we don't like in others, than to find those things that reveal the Image of God.
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27
I can also be myself with Jesus, and tell Him whatever is on my mind and know that He will still love me. He doesn't give me physical hugs and kisses and I rarely hear the words "I love you" but I see His love in His care for me.

Thank you Lord for your unfailing love and for blessing me with a wonderful Papa whose love was expressed beyond what words reveal. In Jesus Name ~ Amen.


A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!

Aug 5, 2009

This and That

I thought I would share a little of this and that today. Just some thoughts, questions, and other random stuff.

Business has picked up lately (Praise God) so I've been a bit busy and haven't had much time for posting. But I have been enjoying creating new blog designs and getting better acquainted with some bloggy friends.

I really need to give my Graphics Blog a bit of a face lift. It's looking pretty shabby these days, and I don't mean that in a good way. If you have any ideas or suggestions I would love to hear them.

I seem to have a serious case of writers block that I'm having a hard time getting over. Any suggestions? What do you do when you have writers block?

Just over a week ago I noticed that my guestbook had been signed by 99 guests so I thought I would do something for the 100th guest. The next day my bloggy friend Greg from Greg's General Store came along and left a message that said he thought it was time he signed my guestbook. Timing is everything Greg. It also just happened to be his birthday. So Greg, I will be sending you a little something. I do emphasize the word *little* so don't get too excited. :)

Here are a few photos of the girls playing bubbles. We got some of the big bubble wands and the girls enjoyed some time decorating the air.

Look at this little goofball. She found a pair of warm gloves and fell asleep with them on. Why she wanted to wear them in this heat is beyond me.

My friend Angela came over the other day with her kids and one of their friends. The boys got excited when they saw the hula-hoop. Boys are funny little creatures. LOL.
This is Alex, Angela's son.

Gunner, Alex's friend.

Sarah, Angela's daughter.

That's it for now. Have a great day!


A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!