Apr 29, 2010

Facebook, RFID Chips, National Database

I don't know why this guy laughs all the way through this but it is very thought provoking. It isn't over when it first appears to be. Listen to what Obama says at the end.

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"A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!" ...Maya Angelou


RCUBEs said...

Scary...but expected! To happen. It already did anyway. May God protect us all. His children. Interesting take from our president! Thanks for sharing.

The Real Me! said...

Unfortunately knowing this has to happen doesn't make it any more comforting when you actually "see" it.
I just pray that the Lord continues to watch over His children and He comes BEFORE all Hell breaks loose.

Thanks for posting this my friend.


You and I have talked about this in the past and you know this is one of the many reasons that I chose not to do FACEBOOK...... in the fine print on their agreement when you sign up there is a place where it says that may use your info for THEIR purposes in any way shape or form they wish to - and that's where I drew the line and said "no".

Scary ending to all of this....... UGH!
More PRAYER Less exposure.

Love you - and thanks for sharing this.


From the Heart said...

I have never had a good feeling about Facebook. I know the end is near when we hear this kind of thing but the Bible says not to fear because God will take care of those who love and serve Him. Isaiah 35 talks about the Coming Kingdom. We know all these things must come to pass but we must be strong and believe that God will see us through. At my age I pray and long for God to send His Son to deliver us from all of this.

My husband and I have been to VB to visit our oldest daughter and just got back a few hours ago. I'm trying to catch up. I slept most of the way home.
Love you, AE

Debra said...

Edie-Thanks for this....I got off Facebook because I didn't feel comfortable there-now I'm so glad I did.
I thought it was interesting how Obama hides this stuff by his carefully chosen wording-"we have to talk to one another" making it sound very clean and selling it to the public. Yuk. Makes me sick....I do feel a strong pull from the Lord these few months or so-getting closer to Him and knowing His voice. We know how it all comes out-so there's no fear...
Love, Debra