Apr 13, 2008


I am currently in the process of painting and redecorating my house. This was not my original plan. My orignal plan was simply to replace the standard, frameless, dull, square bathroom mirror that comes attached to the wall over the sink, with something more stylish. This would mean I would need to paint only the area of the wall that was covered by the mirror I was removing. The pale yellow wasn't my first choice in wall color any longer but it would still do for now. I still had enough paint left from the last time I painted the bathroom so it wouldn't be a problem... that is until I discovered that the lid on the paint can was rusted and I couldn't remove it. Well if I had to buy more paint then I was certainly going to purchase a color that was my first choice. As we all know, once one room has been re-painted and re-decorated, all the other rooms in the house cry out for the same treatment and ASAP. So here I go. The bathroom is now complete. I changed the wall color from the pale yellow to a medium Taupe which give the room a calm soothing feel, and I left the trim white. I replaced that mirror we talked about with a round, beveled mirror, with a frame simulating something of a weathered, antiqued copper, accented with rich brown tones. The picture on the wall depicts Christ at Gethsemane. I created the mat using a shear, textured paper in a deep cranberry. I mosaic-ed the switch plate and outlet cover using stained glass and a dark taupe colored grout that I blended to compliment the walls.

I removed the ugly stainless towel rod and replaced it with the rustic scrolled towel ring in the photo. The towels, seat cover, and rug are a deep plum. On the wall opposite the mirror and sink I hung coordinating canvas prints seperated by a rustic sconce with a bayberry pillar candle and trailing vine. The cabinets were a light red oak color so I gave them a paint wash using black paint to create a warm walnut coloring, and installed antiqued finish hardware. All in all, I'm quite satisfied. When Nikki saw it she decided she wanted to redo her bathroom too. The only problem is, she wants to use my hands to do it. :-)

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Kathie said...

Looking GOOD! I like the color scheme.