Apr 12, 2008

Shopping with the Girls

Today was a girls day out with my daughter, Nikki, and the three adorable little girls in the picture, Ashleigh, Olivia, and Emily. Our purpose was to find a dress for Nikki. First we decided to have lunch so we drove to Chick-fil-a only to discover the place was packed! The girls sat in the back seat chanting "McDon - alds, McDon - alds, McDon - alds". We tried our best to come up with someplace else that everyone could agree on but they won out and McDonalds it was.

After that we we went to a couple of places and found nothing worth looking at. We picked up a couple of little things for each of the girls. Nik was becoming quite annoyed then we drove by a place called The Dress Barn so I decided to stop. It turned out to be a very nice little store. We both tried on lots of dresses. Nik left with three and I purchased a dress, pair of shoes, and necklace & earrings for myself. We were both quite pleased with our new items and will definetly make our way back to that store again. The three little ones are spending the night with me tonight and Nik will be coming to church with us in the morning.

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Kathie said...

Your granddaughters are precious. I guess I didn't realize you had 3! What fun- built in girl buddies to shop, play, and talk with! I bet the dress you wore to church was one of your new purchases while with your girls!
Love Kath