May 10, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

Last Saturday was another girl's day out; this time we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. It was a great day for it. Spring is always the best time to go. Since it's not too hot, the animals are mostly out and about ... and since it's spring there's a better chance of babies. When Nik was a little girl we used to go to the zoo quite a bit and one Spring we went and I think all the animals had babies. It was an incredible day at the zoo and neither of us ever forgot it. We didn't see to many babies this time but we did see a few and some nesting mamas.

Nik's favorite was a young orangatang (I think that's what it was) that was showing off for the crowd. He climbed down from a ledge to a pool of water where a couple of old towels were floating around. Without getting in the water, he pulled one of the towels out and carried it to a grassy patch where everyone could watch and hid himself under the towel. Then he would get out and make his way to the climbing structure, still carrying the towel, and perform some impressive gymnastic moves, swings, flips and such, and then go back to the towel routine.

One of the girls favorite was in the bird sanctuary. They have it setup now where you can go into the caged area where there are probably hundreds of parakeets. We purchased bird seed on popcicle sticks to feed them with. We would hold the popcicle sticks in the air and the birds would land on them to eat the food. The girls loved that the birds would come to them like that. Nik had absolutely no interest in birds so she wouldn't go in and I don't think she even took any pictures. It's too bad, those would have been great pics.

My favorite was the Jaguar. He was magnificent! The big cats are probably my favorites of God's creatures. They are so powerful and yet look like you could just hug them. I just love them. This cat was very restless and was pacing back and forth the full length of his grounds directly along the fence. He was only about five feet from us so we really got to see him up close. It was awesome! Unfortunately my picture card was full so I couldn't take any pictures. I think Nik might have gotten one but there's no telling when those pics will ever make it from camera to computer.

I put together this little video of our day.
For close up view of the video click Here.


Kathie said...

Edie this was great in lots of ways, the precious relationship you have with the girls, and also the blog elements. How do you get pictures within your article? (I only know how to get one at the beginning), How did you get the frame around them?, how did you do the video? Obviously, I need a lesson in blog 101 from you sometime. Hope you had a great mom's day. Love,Kath

Edie said...

Thanks Kathie... I'll fill you in... :-)