May 2, 2008

Getting Creative

Meet Emily, aka Little Em, aka Emily Energy. Isn't she just a little cutie!? Emily loves to paint. Whenever she comes over, as soon as she walks in the door, the first words out of her mouth are "Can I paint?" She even asked as soon as she woke up one morning when she spent the night. My lovely little artist. I try to encourage artistic and creative abilities in my little grandaughters. I was not encouraged in this area when I was growing up. Actually, one time when I made a foil crown for a family member, I was told "She won't want that." As harsh as that sounds, the person who said it had NO intention of being hurtful at all. I've even come to realize that she was speaking from her own deep insecurities. In any case, it most definitely left me believing that I had no creative abilities what-so-ever. I hope to instill in these little ones the confidence to see themselves as God sees them, and to recognize, develop, and use the skills and talents that He gives them.

I painted the little heart on her face. God has shown me that He has given me a little bit of creativity too and has been helping me to cultivate that gift and enjoy it. I have enjoyed dabbling in jewelry making, both silver-smithing and costume, mosaics of all sorts, copper/tin embossing, wood carving, sketching, and a wide variety of crafting projects. My latest is one of my favorites. If you can't tell from my blog, I enjoy working with graphics. I had the pleasure of creating the new logo for the company where I am working. It has been a lot of fun for me as I love the challange of trying to custom create something for other people. Especially when they are pleased with the end result, and in this case, they were very pleased. :-)

God tells us in His Word, "These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. .... Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates." (Deuteronomy 6 & 8). I love decorating my home with scripture and things that will make Jesus visibly the focal point of life. I want to be the influence this scripture is commanding. Such home decor is not always easy to find and is often quite expensive. That has led me to start creating scripture home decor by framing scripture using my own graphics and embellishing the frames. I had the pleasure of creating several for my dear friend Rhonda to give as Chrstmas gifts this last Christmas. I was very pleased to hear that they were very well received, and to know that little seeds are being planted because of it. Here are a few that I have made. Click on the image for a closeup.

Mother's Womb - This is the first baby picture of my first grandaughter Olivia. I keep this one in my bedroom. I love that Olivia and the other two are able to see that a baby is real even in the womb. Olivia was about 2 months living in this picture. She was born 3.5 months premature and she is grateful to God for her life. I know that this picture with the scripture is instilling in these girls that God is the giver of life.

The Value of the Father's Child - This one sits on my night-stand to remind me of the value God places on me. I textured and embellished the frame then painted it in a soft buttercream. The little bird in the image is one of my first detailed graphics.

The Vine & Branches was a gift for my neighbor as she has a Tuscany style kitchen.

Many people enjoy being creative in some manner. This is one way that God has made us "In His Image." Artists often sign their work, this too comes from God. His signature is everywhere in creation. Sometimes we see it clearly and sometimes we must look for it. Nothing that any human being ever has or ever will create, has or will even come close to the indescribable and amazing creations that God has designed with a Word or a Breath. Here are two must see video clips that I found tonight focusing on His design of the human body, and His majestic universe. He placed His signature boldly in both of these creations. Watch both and you will see what I mean.

This one I wasn't able to embed it so here is a link where you can watch it. Indescribable God

This one is the Laminin video clip with Louie Giglio.


Kathie said...

Add "cool blog" site to your creative abilities! I love the pictures of your girls!
Love ,Kath

Edie said...

How sweet you are Kathie. Especially since I'm still such a novice. Love ya! Edie