Jun 14, 2008

Grandma's Mouth - By Emily

My sweet little 4 year old Emily went to the dentist yesterday and her nerves were pretty frazzled about going so I tried to help. I explained that the dentist was just going to take a picture of her teeth and it was just like when I take a picture of her. She wasn't going for it. She said the dentist's camera was a lot bigger than mine. Smart Kid! So I got my camera and explained how the lens (the eye) was the same and the back part was just the brain and the dentist's camera needed a bigger brain than my camera. I told her that they still just push a button like on my camera and asked her if she wanted to take a picture inside my mouth. This of course got a happy-faced nod. This is how the picture turned out.

I think she missed the mark a little but she was then happy to go jump on the bed before they left for the appointment. (More on the sport of bed-jumping in a later post.) She came home later that day with a ballon in the shape of a butterfly, a bouncy, super-size super ball, and a big smile on her face. She still has to go back for some work but she's feeling much better about the dentist now. A special thanks to all my prayer warrior sisters.

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Kathie said...

WE must be working on our blogs at the same time! I love the stories of "your girls". Good luck with your dentist pep talk.....even at 54yrs , I still dread going ! ha