Jun 21, 2008

Matthew 25:40


About a month ago my friend Rhonda called me up and asked if I would design a graphic for her daughter Jennifer. It seems that she was redecorating her husband's office while he was out of town as a suprise for him and wanted to frame it for the wall. Unfortunately, I got the call late in the afternoon while I was at the zoo and they needed it the next day. The theme was Africa because Mark has a heart for helping orphans in Africa. That was about all the information I had in addition to the scripture she wanted on it. Well, due to the time constraints, she received my first draft. I wasn't really satisfied with it, but I was out of time. The other night I decided to work it up to something I was happy with. I have to say I much prefer the final result. Maybe this was God's idea because He's been chasing me around with this scripture from that night on.

First Draft

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Kathie said...

I like the first draft as well or better than the final. Good job little Miss Creative! Kath