Jun 19, 2008

Names of Jesus

This is my latest framed art. I made this for a small place on a wall in the hallway. I couldn't get a good picture in the hall so I had to improvise. This graphic displays some of the Names of Jesus, but is certainly not exhaustive. I tried to choose some of my favorites of His Names, that is very difficult because I love the Name of the Lord in every form.

It seems I am often thinking about names; and the significance of using someones name. I believe He has prompted that quite a bit lately. When we call a person by their name it creates a personal tie with that person. I remember once when I worked in a clinic, I needed one of the patients to come up to the reception desk in order to ask him a few questions. The man's name was Nikolaus Holtz. When I called out his name I pronounced it as it is supposed to be pronounced. He was so thrilled that I pronounced his name correctly instead of as Nicholas, which apparently happened quite a bit. From that day forward he was my friend. Every time he came to see the doctor he would look for me and was always glad when he found me like a good friend, and he always remembered my name too.

Isaiah 45:3 says "And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness— secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, the One who calls you by name."

Wow. The maker of the stars knows us so personally that he calls us by name. We're somebody to Him. He's not too busy to notice us as individuals. Like my friend Mr Holtz, the God of the universe looks for us, picks us out of the crowd, and with great joy calls to us by name. And all who are nearby can see that we have an intimate, personal relationship with our God.

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