Jan 28, 2010

State Of The Union Response

Over the last year The People in this nation have been standing up and speaking out to defend the Constitution and our freedoms in this nation. Now we have an opportunity to become proactive in setting up additional protections to limit government in the area of government controlled health care, and upholding fiscal responsibility.

In February of 2009, the Tea Party Patriots formed to speak out against the fiscal irresponsibility in government. That movement swept the nation as The People joined in speaking out and led to a march on Washington in September where over a million citizens from all over this nation participated.

The Tea Party Patriots have now proposed a State Of The Union Response which consists of the following two initiatives. Please read these initiatives and go to the Tea Party Patriots State Of The Union Response website to show your support by signing the pledge and please pray for our nation. Thank you!

These are the proposed initiatives

Fiscal Responsibility Amendment
The debt ceiling has increased from approximately $10.62 trillion to $12.33 trillion in the last year. Now Congress is considering raising the limit to $14.3 trillion!

Instead of increasing the debt ceiling, Senator Tom Coburn has the novel idea to cut spending and leave the debt ceiling alone. The government has gotten fat for years off the American taxpayer by creating more and more programs that do exactly the same thing. For example, there are more than 14 programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education related to foreign exchanges and designed to increase opportunities for students to study abroad.

This amendment to the currently proposed federal debt increase will put the federal government on a massive diet by reducing redundant programs, releasing unspent funds to pay down the debt, thereby saving the taxpayers billions of dollars each year. It will cut spending by $120 billion, consolidate 640 duplicative government programs, and prevents politicians from pursuing the fiscal obesity plaguing our nation.

Declaration of Health Care Independence

In order to retain the Blessings of Liberty as secured to us by our Founding Fathers and as expressed in our Constitution, We the People reject the imposition upon us of a new, Washington-controlled system of government-run health care. We demand Constitutional protection of the right to make our own health decisions and our own health care choices free of government denials, bureaucratic red-tape, and greater intergenerational debt. A Washington takeover of American health care will ___Deny fundamental personal and economic liberties and indisputably violate the Principle of Limited Government as established by the Constitution; ___Impose increased costs and taxes upon individuals, families, and businesses, as well as taxpayers at the federal, state, and local levels; ____Irreparably cripple the American economy, at the cost of jobs, businesses, productivity, and quality of life; ~Create an inescapable new tax by imposing individual and employer mandates; ____Institutionalize a massive, ever-expanding federal bureaucracy that is impersonal and impractical; ___Empower bureaucrats to interfere in the doctor-patient relationship, undermine the quality of care, limit choice, and increase the cost of health care.

We have appealed to the decency of the elected majority to respect the rights of all Americans, but their leaders have been deaf to the Voice of the People. We are appalled by their cavalier disregard of the Constitution and of the demands of the People. We are repulsed by their blatant political bribes and kickbacks.

We, therefore, the People and Representatives of the United States of America, do solemnly Publish and Declare that health care reform, as a matter of principle must ___Protect as inviolate the vital doctor-patient relationship; ___Reject any addition to the crushing national debt heaped upon all Americans; ___Improve, rather than diminish, the quality of care that Americans enjoy; ___Be negotiated publically, transparently, with genuine accountability and oversight, and be free from political favoritism; ___Treat private citizens at least as well as political officials; ___Protect taxpayers from compulsory funding of abortion; ___Reject all new mandates on patients, employers, individuals, or states; ___Prohibit expansion of taxpayer funded health care to those unlawfully present in the United States; ___Guarantee Equal Protection under the law and the Constitution; ___Empower, rather than limit, an open and accessible marketplace of health care choice and opportunity.

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RCUBEs said...

Pretty busy this week so I'm gonna' come back sister as there are lots to ponder on with this post of yours! Have a blessed day and God bless.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Amen, and hallelujah, my friend!

(I suspected you might write a post like this today!) You GO girl!

RCUBEs said...

Came back and read it again. Thanks for sharing this vital info. For someone who promised "transparency", things seem more blurry to me. Blessings to you sister.

michele said...

good post... and way to stay up to date on this.

My ADHD Me said...

I'm #8312.

On your six boss!

Irritable Mother said...

I'm in!

2Thinks said...

...thus the line in my post yesterday about the word "trillions" and "dollars" being used in the same sentence.

I have to read this again and pay a little closer attention. Am going to do that now.

Krippled Warrior put things in perspective a few posts back regarding just how much money a trillion would be, 'eh?

Lea said...

Pondering all of this and will go check out the link. Thanks Edie!

deborahspalette said...

Just found your blog and used your link on my blog and a button... www.dlrubyspalette.blogspot.com

Great post! I have truly enjoyed visiting your blog and will be back many times.
For all Gods Glory, Awsome work sister in Christ. I am sure God is smiling apon you and saying well done daughter of mine.
Many Blessings, Deborah
Stop by for a visit some time!!

From the Heart said...

Thanks for giving us your opinion on the State of the Union Address.
I will visit the post and read what it says. God bless you.

Deborah said...

Hi Edie, Thanks for dropping by to check on Penny. She is going to have a radical neck disection on Monday. Everyone is so worried but we know it is in God's hands now.
Thank you so much, it means a lot to me and to Penny. I keep on telling her how soo many people are thinking and praying for her.

Jackie said...

Hey Edie....
Thank you for this important information. Will drop by the other site and check it out.

Americans must become fully informed and act and pray accordingly!!!

Sweet Blessings!

deborahspalette said...

Edie Thanks for stoping by and leaving such a sweet comment. I am praying about taking my blog to the next level You will definately be my first stop for a a possible button and design.I love your work for the Lord and your lovely designs. Deborah

LisaShaw said...

You're a BLESSING! Keep sharing, speaking and living TRUTH! God be praised. Love you.

John said...

I love my very conservative brothers and sisters in Christ, and that be you, Edie, but I am a moderate and I am not in total agreement with this post and realize I am in the minority here on this blog. In fairness to the administration and to the much-maligned new president, spending indeed has incresed by almost two trillion. He came into office with a debt of about 11 trillion made after Clinton's reign and created by many of those tea-party folks now. He had absolutely NO choice but to continue, temporarily, the two wars that began in the Bush administrations, social security, medicare and all the entirlements the people love so much already in existence. It was one of the tea party'ers who yelled into the crowd, 'get your hands off MY Medicare.' Now there was an American takeover for you, a much loved American takeover. In addition, our President had to face the worst recession since the Great Depression, also not of his doing. I don't know how he sleeps at night especially when so many conservaties wishes he fails (thus America does too) and won't work with him on any important thing. I hope they pay for it at the polls, the party of 'no.'

As for health care, it is in the tubes now as it has been for sixty years so we will go on getting milked by the insurance companies. My elderly friend, Iva, got a cola increase of $48 today and a notice from Blue Cross that all but $4 will go to the increse in her health insurance premiums. She already has to choose between medicine and food. That doesn't mention the millions who have no insurance at all, Americans, not illegal aliens. They would be extra if covered.

Just like social security and medicare which have mandates, health insurance reform won't work without them. Many people won't or can't join voluntarily and universal coverage would have to cover that. I hardly think a health care reform bill is an 'American takeover.' Reform isn't takeover. Who are these Americans? People we elected to represent us and then treat with disdain to the max. We threaten to throw the bums out so they knuckle down once again and slink away, hoping at least to keep their jobs. Meanwhile the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. What else is new in non tea-party America?

I don't believe in war or abortion, but I won't let my Christian faith use those as an excuse to starve the poor or kill the people who can't get health insurance. Jesus told us exactly how to treat the poor and they just might include the illegal alien poor at times.

So we go into another year with nothing solved, nothing gained, more distrust for our government and each other. It's a sad state of affairs in my opinion. May God have mercy on us all.


Pinkshoelady said...

Hey Girl,

Love this post and I am recommending it to my sister she would love it!
In fact you two remind me of each other which is one reason I like you so much!

I am running a visual mystery contest on my blog this week. Wanna come see?

love ya,