Oct 30, 2008

Ashleigh's New Look

Need I say more?

Keep reading below. I did four quick picture type posts in a row. :D



HisPrincess said...

LOL! Oh dear! They all do this at some stage don't they?

Joyfulsister said...

LOL Oh Noo!!
When my daughter was about 4 or 5, she got hold of a disposable razar and decided to shave her eyebrows off, I was so thankful she didn't cut herself, Later I asked her what made her do that she said she saw her big sister who was in high school shave hers and draw new ones on.. Geesh big sister and I had a good talk about doing stuff like that in front of her lil sister who just loves to copy everything she does. Kids gotta luv um!!!

Hugz Lorie

Sharon said...

At First I know it was a shocker, but I know you laughed later about it. God chuckled as well!!
Yes the little ones do follow the big kids, thats why it is sooo important we watch what we say, and do around them.
Thank goodness it wasn't the eyebrows! She must of wanted shorter bangs. haha
Anyways have a great day, laugh alittle, Be Blessed!

Chatty Kelly said...

All I can think is did this happen on YOUR watch, and what did her mother say. You can't take your eyes off of them for a second!

Knock on wood, neither of my kids did this, but I have taken them to a hairdresser for haircuts since they needed them and always said "we don't cut our own hair - only a hairdresser can cut hair."

My oldest did cut the table cloth with scissors to "see if it would cut it."

Sue J. said...

My sisters and I did this, but maybe that's because we hardly ever got our hair cut as kids. (We even taped orange paper curls to our unbelievably straight brown hair; that was fun to undo--NOT!)

So far D#1 has only cut gum out of her hair, which is a last resort, I told her....all too late.

Thankfully, hair grows back. But I'll bet the scissors are going up above the fridge!

Edie said...

Joyfulsister - Oh my goodness! I'm so glad she didn't hurt herself!

CK - THANKFULLY they did this at home in their OWN closet! I pray that NOTHING EVER goes wrong while I'm watching them! Now cutting the table cloth would upset me. :)

Sharon - Yes, I'm laughing. Hair grows back and it didn't happen at my house. I just look at her and shake my head. LOL.

Beverlydru said...

This brings to mind an occasion when Cupcake was about 6 and had REALLY long hair, Shetried to brush it wit my little round styling brush. Needless to say, it got hopelessly tangled. I would have had to cut it ALL off to remove the brush and her daddy LOVED her long hair. So I had her lay down on the couch. I got the pliers and pulled out every last bristle from the brush. It took hours. Neither one of us will ever forget it.

Dorothy Champagne said...

Who knows, maybe her calling is to be a hair stylist. Maybe she should just be given the scissors and allowed to express herself naturally - who are we to squelch her artistic desire to cut hair? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa

and you're right - at least she wasn't battling the Philistines. :)

Daphine said...

Oh, dear!
My youngest is seven and my oldest is fifteen....my fingers are still crossed, but they've never even attempted this one yet. LOL

Love your blog and will visit again.

Irritable Mother said...

I can laugh at this NOW.
But when my son did it...Oh, I was not laughing!
The thing is, he did it twice. I think the second time was because he so enjoyed the reaction he got out of everyone the first time around. grrrr.

Tammy R said...

Oh,boy,I remember those haircuts.

Love the smile!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Wreeeeeeeeeeeeet wreeeeeeeeeeeeew!
Thems some SHORT bangs!* hehehehaaoao

AHHHH well... I did the same thing to myself just a month or so ago... heehee ~ maybe not "quite" that short, but short nontheless!

I'd love to turn her loose here on the morning glories at the potting shed in summer time!

I still think shes CUTE AS A BUTTON!


B His Girl said...

It was either Barbie or her. This moments are priceless in 10 years. Smile ahead!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I know that I know it's just a matter of time before my four year old does this.

The Patterson 5 said...

My kids have not done this.....so far! I did when I was four. I was so proud until I saw my dear sweet Momma's reaction and then we both cried.

My ADHD Me said...

I LOVE the new look. Maybe she'll start a fashion trend. That happened with JM when he was younger but the only difference was that I did it MYSELF. I was trying to cut his hair and, well, just say it didn't work out. had to take him to the salon for a fashion emergency.

Love all the pics. They are all so helpful. Remind them of that in 10 years!!

My ADHD Me said...

oh yeah, CK was right. My youngest (the computer wizard )fixed the sound on my computer. --along with rolling his eyes and shaking his head.

Praise and Coffee said...

OH WHY do they always grab the bangs and cut???
Mine did it to, lately she's just into chopping up Barbies hair!
So cute though.