Jul 5, 2008

Bed Jumping - Sport or Art?

Do you remember jumping on the bed? The best time for this is, of course, right before going to bed. I think God instilled this knowledge in little children in an effort to get them to use up that last bit of energy so they will go to sleep. It would be a great idea if it worked! (kidding Abba.) :)

This is Emily. She just explodes with personality, doesn't she? Can you tell that she enjoys this sport?

I can't even look at these pictures without cracking up. She is such a little nut... and I love her.



Laurie Ann said...

How precious! She could win the gold medal if it was an Olympic Sport. I could have competed against her back in the day. My parents firmly believed in expending that energy and let us jump to our hearts content before bedtime or a nap. It was fun fun fun! But we were always told if we fell off and broke our arm not to come crying to them, LOL!

Alene said...

She just makes me giggle! I remember those days so well with my little ones. Oh how I miss it! They grow tooooooo fast. Blessings.

Joy in The Truth said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on the devotion today. God is good and so gracious and so faithful!

I read Isaiah 45:3. Wow. Thanks for sharing that with me.

May HE continue to lead you as your step forward with Him to treasured places of the heart!


Nancy said...

I wonder if Jesus jumped on His bed? Somehow I think He probably did. He loves having a good time too.

It's wonderful that you enjoyed the moment with your daughter. What fun!

Nancy said...

"Freedom" does give the plan of salvation at the very end and the whole book is my testimony of how God gently led me to Him through this time of grief and pain. You can read chapter one on the Olive Leaf website at: www.oliveleafministries.com. You can also read an excerpt from Draw Me Near there as well.

It was so good to hear from you and it is so kind of you to think of your friend with a disabled child. It is a difficult life for sure, but God is good!

In Him,

Sam said...

Bed Jumping should be an olympic sport!! Only I remember getting told off for bed jumping by my Nana!! She had a very good reason though as it was Christmas Morning and it was about 5am!!! whoops!!

By the way, I do not sign (I know a little bit) as a matter of course, but I certainlly know that I can't sing - but I try!!! (probably much to the horror of those around me!!)