Nov 28, 2008

Tag I'm Itt ... Again

I'm Itt again!
Are you sick of hearing about me yet!? LOL.

Christy at Dreaming the Simple Life has tagged me for Six Things You Don't Probably Already Know About Me. I have to tell ya though; after reading her six things, this is likely to be a snoozer.

I did this one not too long ago so I'm gonna change it up a bit. I know! I'll tell six things about some of you! Do you see someone you know in my list?

Here are the rules:
Rule #1 ... Aw who needs rules. TAG YOU'RE ITT!

1. I met this bloggy friend on a Wednesday. I was all alone and she even said I was a nobody. How rude! LOL! And after I told her to put First Things First! Don't worry, we quickly became good friends. She's one of the best and always has a kind word for everyone she meets.
Click HERE to see who she is.

2. This new to me bloggy friend has quite a sense of humor, and doesn't appear to be much of a rule follower (according to the last two posts I read). He's is planning a Christmas give-away, so I really want to get on his good side. :) Just kidding. The sense of humor is a real treat!
Click HERE to see who he is.

3. This bloggy friend will keep you in stitches, or she'll take you to get stitches. When you visit her your head will spin, your face will grin, and all the confusion will start to sink in ~ but you won't mind a bit, because you'll feel like you're home and you won't want to leave.
Click HERE to see who she is.

4. This bloggy friend wrote a whole post to thank me for something I didn't even know I did. She invites you into her home, gives you a tour, and even lets you help decorate. A most neighborly friend and treasure to my heart.
Click HERE to see who she is.

5. This bloggy friend is always doing lots of fun family stuff. I love going to visit her and the family, and one day I'm just gonna move right in with them. ;)
Click HERE to see who she is.

6. This bloggy friend threw a bloggy birthday bash for me that lasted two days! It was SO much fun! I had the time of my life. My back still hurts from trying to do the limbo though. :) A wonderful lady and hostess.
Click HERE to see who she is.

7. This bloggy friend says 7 is a Holy number which is why I have added number seven! She praises thee King in every little thing. Arms held high up to the sky. She's generous and gracious and welcome you with open arms and smoochy holy kisses. LOL. She's always inviting me for coffee and a chat at midnight too. :D She has a beautiful heart.
Click HERE to see who she is.

I wanted to do more but the rules do say six. LOL. I will have to do this again on another day, itt was fun and there are so many bloggy friends to talk about. :D

Things are a little busy around the house so I have fallen behind in making my rounds to visit you all. I'll be trying to catch up this week. Love you all!


Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind ~ Luke 10:27


Chatty Kelly said...

I loved this! It was so fun. I correctly guessed everyone but #4, who I haven't met yet, so I'll have to go visit.

I don't think you are a nobody. :D I think you are some body special!

This was just a big hoot! Fun, fun. I love "mysteries" and it was neat to read your descriptions of everyone, which must have been spot on, since I was able to guess.

Have a great day!!!! Don't forget to visit my blog today for "Sings my Soul Saturday."

Debra said...

This was really cute-what a creative way to do a tag. Hope you read my last comment to you on your previous post.

Love, Debra

Kathryn said...

Very cute and thoughtful twist, Edie! :-)

Sharon said...

aww that was so neat :) I was reading through anxiously waiting to find my description and I knew exactly when I was on it lol! Thanks for mentioning me and for being my buddy!

The Patterson 5 said...

What a fun post to come home too! I loved the mystery and suspense! And some new bloggy friends to visit!

Please know you are welcome to come on any and all adventures with us!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

GIRL... this was THEE COOLEST THING! I've never seen anyone put the spin on things like this! Go GIRL! You are SOOOO creative! -- I guessed them all but Sharon. Oh and that weirdo number 7* egads! SHE HAS YOU FOOLED!
Love ya girl,

Debra said...


How creative...Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

((hugs)) to you!

My ADHD Me said...

It really was no miracle
What happened was just this,
The wind began to switch
The house to pitch
And suddenly the hinges started
to unhitch........

Been raking and raking and raking leaves.
my arms are going to fall off.
(don't worry, I'm only kidding. I don't THINK my arms are going to fall off. Well, I was kidding about the arms but not about the leaves. Raking and raking and raking.)

Finally had a moment to wipe the cobwebs off of the computer and see what's going on in the blog world.

Loved this post. It put me in stitches....not literally. I don't think reading something could literally put you in stitches. :)

My ADHD Me said...

HAHA!! Just noticed the title and the picture. Actually, that deserves a

Edie said...

CK - I was just there while you were here. :)

Mrs P - I'm packing now.

L - Don't mess with my #7 friend. I'll have ta take you out. :P

ADHD-Jo - Arms are falling off? :o I guess I picked a good day to put you in stitches. There's no place like home.

Sue J. said...

Thank you, dear friend! A treat to be mentioned here. Truly, I'm not much of a hostess and not much of a party-goer--but that sure was a swell time, your birthday!

Speaking of sick folks, most of my house has returned from Thanksgiving journeying with ugly coughs! Thankfully, I'm still OK (especially since I've now committed myself to the daily Advent blog. And, no, they haven't been pre-written--YIKES!)

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend, and are on the road to recovery!

Given precious Jules said...


That was cute. Don't forget #8... which would be yourself ofcourse. Your blog offers kindness, generosity, and friendship. What else can be expected from true blogger friends, smile. Take care!


~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

A fun Post Edie..

Greg C said...

Thanks for the mention Edie. I will get to this tomorrow and hopefully have it posted on Monday.

Chatty Kelly said...

I can't wait to take your Nativity Quiz...oops did you accidently almost publish it?? LOL!!

See ya -

Runner Mom said...

Too cute!!! Loved it! And a nativity quiz...hmmm!!! Sounds like fun!!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Okay, I'm ready for this QUIZZ. I did a quizz but ya know what? I forgot to post thee answer. Ohwell..NUTCAKES do that sorta thing you know AND BY THEE way.. what do you mean: be nice to 7 or you'll take me out! WOOOO~~ I'M SHAKIN IN MY ... fuzzy SLIPPERS! Actually I should be nice coz you own your OWN POWER TOOLS and aren't afraid ta use em! heehee
Okay later gater,ya sweet pertater-

Edie said...

Lea - LOL!!! Shankin in your fuzzy slippers. HaHaHa!!

Edie said...

I mean Shakin not Shankin. ugh!

Shanda said...

Hi Edie and good evening. Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello. I hope you enjoy the pictures as we travel along. We are sure enjoying this part of the country. America sure has some beautiful places.
Nice to meet you,

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I'm just getting caught up too...what a fun way to mix up a meme about yourself!

Hey, is that where they get the name "meme," because it's all about "me me"? lol!

Very creative! Have a great day!

Daphine said...

This was really neat! Very creative!