Nov 28, 2008

Tagged for Fabulous Five

I've been tagged by Esmé at Mozi Esmé for this Fabulous Five meme! Play along if you want.

I am supposed to start with five photos. Hmmm, will have to go find those. Be right back.........
...........Here they are!

Beautiful Little Girls

Content Dogs

The Joy of Jumping

Are you looking at Me? (Photo taken by Debra Smith at Sparrowgrass. She takes Fabulous Photos!)

How Great is our God!

Favorite Foods: This really depends but ok here I go.
1. Steak - Ribeye to be precise.
2. Chili and Chips
3. Fried Chicken - Ok, fried just about anything.
4. Onions - I love Onions
5. Breakfast any time of the day.

Favorite Colors: This changes. I don't have a favorite color. I like almost all colors except the primary colors. I think in hues more than colors.
1. Olive Green and complimentary hues.
2. Brown and complimentary hues.
3. Deep Rich Red
4. Ivory and complimentary hues.
5. Rose Pink and complimentary hues.

Favorite Sports Teams: HaHaHa!
1. I don't do sports.
2. I once watched the Giants and the Padres at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.
3. My dad liked sports.
4. My cousins played soccer and one year I took them to a lot of their games.
5. My little brother was in little league when he was a kid. I think I went to one or two games.

Favorite Treats:
1. Peanut Butter Fudge
2. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and other Reeses products.
3. Apple Pecan Braid - My own receipe.
4. Chocolate with Nuts
5. Sees Candies

Favorite Desserts:
1. German Chocolate Cake
2. Ice Cream - Especially mocha almond fudge.
3. Hot Fudge Sundaes made with Coffee ice cream and almonds. Tastes just like mocha almond fudge!
4. Key Lime Pie
5. Chocolate Cream Pie
6. 5. White Cake with Butter Cream Frosting (oops, did I slip in an extra one?)

Favorite Ways To Pass Time: I like to do everything! Ok, most everything. In any case, 5 is no where near enough.
1. Blogging
2. Making Graphics and Blog Designs. Ok, designing something.
3. Reading & Learning - The Bible and christian books especially.
4. Making Mosaics - Ok, creative projects of just about any kind. Sewing, knitting, embroidery, jewelry making, framed art, working with metal (copper, tin sheets), soldering work, if you think of something I have left out just add it to the list.
5. Talking to God

Favorite Physical Activities: To do or to watch? :D
1. Walking - Tobi enjoys this one too.
2. Hiking and exploring trails.
3. Bike Riding - I don't have a bike any more but this has always been a favorite.
4. Gardening - I actually like the end result more than the activity but it's enough to motivate me.
5. Projects - Again it's the end result that gets me motivated.

Favorite People: Oh this is just not fair.
1. Jesus
2.My Family
3. My Bloggy Friends
4. My Not Bloggy Friends
5. One other who shall remain nameless.

Favorite Music Groups: This changes from day to day depending on my mood.
1. Selah
2. Mercy Me
3. Mark Schultz
4. Natalie Grant
5. Lots of other Christian artists.

Favorite Fruits & Veggies:
1. Onion
2. Spinich
3. Salad
4. Bell Pepper
5. Apples

Five Obsessions: Only 5?
1. Jesus
2. Olivia, Emily, Ashleigh
3. Creating or Desiging
4. Blogging
5. Thinking and Talking - Not necessarily in that order.

Five Joys:
1. Time with God - Especially in the garden or outside under the sky.
2. Watching God at work.
3. My Grandaughters
4. Tobi - And all of God's animals.
5. Crossing things off my lists. - You haven't lived until you've experience this joy.

Five Fears:
1. Rejection
2. That I have done something to offend someone or make them angry at me.
3. Posting my fears. So I will stop here.

Five Surprising Facts: Surprising to who? (or is that whom?) Better yet about who? (whom?) :o
1. I don't really like Starbucks.
2. I don't like to shop. When I do shop, I prefer to shop alone.
3. I love animals. Oh wait, that's not a surprise.
4. I don't include santa claus in CHRISTmas. It's all about Christ.
5. I love collections. I collect turtles and crosses. I am beginning to collect Nativity scenes.

Thanks for sticking with me. I hope I didn't bore you too much.


Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind ~ Luke 10:27


Chatty Kelly said...

You don't like Starbucks? What?

And Person #5 - do you have a man you've been hiding from us?!?? huh? do you?

This was fun to learn about you. I'm still recovering from Thanksgiving, and we're putting up our tree and all today! I'm just "resting" a minute.

You granddaughters are cute!!!!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hey girl,
Had to check in and say hi!
WOWE-- #5 YOU DOOOooOooooO HAVE A MAN- FRIEND dontchya? heheoaoaao
Okay; enough of the gradeschool taunting.. BUT YOU DOOooOoo DONTCHYA?!!! heehahoaoaoao ENUF razzin... but my eyebrow's still raised.*
I'm with Kelly, so WHAT dontchya like about STARBUCKS? I would LOVE a vente carmel mocha machiato right THIS MINUTE!!! LOL
I'm completely happy that you don't do sports. Yuck me neither.
and.. you can have my ONIONS TOO!
~ anyhow I loved reading your FIVES! Have a grrreat day Edie!!
Love ya,

B His Girl said...

This was very interesting Edie. I am a 'want to B' project/crafter also. My friend, B, is talented like you with your list of things you create. I am kind of jealous of you girls. :) I have an idea for a post if you are ever lacking for ideas. I would Love to see your crosses, know which one is a favorite and why. My sister gave me two new turtles for Thanksgiving.:) Ever since she heard my first turtle story, she can't pass one up if she thinks they are special. (Aren't all turtles special?) I can't wait to write about one of them Tuesday. Onions....Have you ever had Vidalia Onion casserole? I had it years ago. I was pregnant and I couldn't handle the smell, but lots of people loved it! Anyway, that was a fab five list! Take care. B

Daphine said...

Great post! We have many things in common lady. I loved reading these things about you.

Have a great weekend!

Greg C said...

Wow those could have been my answers. I think about 99% of mine would be the same. Mainly just the kids names were different. Great post. I loved the photos.

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness Edie, I can't believe how much we had in common after reading all of that, it is really amazing. We need to get together sometime and eat all of our favorite things, make a friendship necklace and talk about not going shopping lol!


Debra said...


Was that my Sam goose in your photos??
I loved your lists, and found myself heartily agreeing with you on so many. I LOVE crossing things off my lists!!!
Have you shown the bloggy world your creations, besides your talent in design? I would love to see some of that long list of things you make...

I'm so glad we're friends. What a treasure!
Love, Debra

Debra said...

You do not have to credit me for the picture!!!!
When I saw the picture here I really did laugh out loud! That is her typical goose look, but I couldn't remember taking the photo!
PLEASE do not fret over picture credits!!! At least from me!!!Much love,

The Patterson 5 said...

I love the pictures of your granddaughters! They are beautiful and the bouncy pic looks oh so fun!

I enjoyed reading all of the neat things that make you- you! You are a most spectacular person and I am blessed by you!

Debra said...


Loved the fabulous photos...and I was doing great with the german chocolate cake...yay! but then I almost fainted when I saw you didn't like Starbucks! lol

((hugs)) to you!