Aug 6, 2008

Full Immersion Baptism You Have to See

Lauren (Isn't she cute!)

For a period of time I had the pleasure of teaching a Kindergarten Sunday School class. I just loved it! We played games like "Follow Jesus" and "Jesus Says" (cause we don't know who Simon is and Jesus gives second chances). We had our Bible lesson, and snacks, and of course I took lots of pictures to make a class yearbook for each of the kids (parents) at the end of the school year.

Usually my friend Angela (not my blogging buddy) taught the lesson, but one Saturday afternoon she called me to tell me that she was sick and wouldn't be able to make it on Sunday. So I did what I could to quickly prepare for the lesson. Now, I had already studied the lesson just wasn't prepared to teach it. This lesson was from Acts 8, Phillip and the Ethiopian. I just love that when you prepare to teach a lesson, God always speaks to you personally about it first.

Overview of Acts 8:

God sends an angel to Phillip to instruct him to to go to a certain road in the dessert that travels from Jeruselem to Gaza, and Phillip does what he is told. When he gets there he meets this Ethiopian traveling along reading scripture and not understanding. He invites Phillip to ride with him and explain the scripture to him. Phillip presents the Gospel to him and just as he finishes they pass by some water. The Ethiopian wants to be baptized and so Phillip obliges, then God whisks Phillip away and the Ethiopian goes on his way rejoicing. (Keyword)

Now there's a lot in there worthy of discussion but what God impressed on me as I prepared for the lesson was that He always goes ahead of us and prepares the way. ALWAYS! So we sat down in our little group and just when we got to the part where the Ethiopian said "Why shouldn't I be baptized?" little Lauren, who was sitting right next to me, looked at me and said "I've never been baptized." So I asked her if she had ever asked Jesus to be the boss of her life and she said no. So I asked her if she wanted to do that and she said yes. (WooHoo) So we prayed and she asked Jesus to be the boss of her life. When her mom came to pick her up and I told her what had occured, she told me that she had been in worship praying for Lauren. Of course we both cried and we have a special friendship over this as do Lauren and I.

It was an awesome experience to watch God go ahead of me and prepare all of those circumstances just as he did with Phillip and that He prepared Lauren's heart to ask about baptism at the same point that the Ethiopian asked. God is Always Amazing!

So I wonder if the Ethiopian might have approached the baptism water with the same enthusiasm as this young boy in this video...

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. (Job 8:21)



Renee said...

This was a wonderful Story! It blesses my heart to hear when anyone makes Jesus the boss of their life!! How awesome to get to lead a young child to Christ!
The video was hillarious and gave me a much needed laugh! Thanks for posting for my Kids! They will be sooo excited to read them ! This really blessed me. I woke up and couldn't sleep and you gave me a great laugh! Love the new blog look!!

Angela said...

That was a sweet story and it is heartening to remember that God does go before us when we follow follow implies that he is always in front of us, preparing our way. I know he's done it for me, when I moved to Richmond I transferred my job, and there were 3 people I knew working down here that I didn't really want to work with ( not pleasant people), but I decided to be obedient and move anyway. Two weeks before I started at the new job, two of the three moved away. The other one left two weeks after I got there. I love that God is into the details like that! Are you still close to Lauren? How long ago was that? That video was cute, I think I've seen it before. What a funny kid.As for my friend Amanda, we have had some talks over the past couple years, and I've prayed for her, but God is the one who softens hearts. I know I will be there to support her as she tries to change her life so that she is honoring him! This has been so exciting to me! Thanks for your prayers. She will really need them.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

WhoooooHoooOO EDIE!
What a THRILLJOY to lead someone to Jesus to be BOSS of their life! HALLELUJAH!!! GOD BLESS LITTLE LAUREN!!!
THAT was positively HYSTERICAL.
I can't wait to show Myguy and my SONs THIS VIDEO.... they will CRACK UP!
Hey, I love your blog look. I tried to get a blog makeover and ended up changing mine back; mine was too busy. Oh well... I'm stuck in pink n green. LOL I've been back n forth to your site playing with your tags. LOL
PLEASE help me figure out how to get the guestbook at the top like yours? I CANT FIGURE IT OUT?

Nancie said...

Lauren is really very cute and sweet. Thank God for working in her little heart. Thanks for sharing this encouraging account with us. Thank God for giving you such joy to serve Him. Love the new look of your blog. Very beautiful! May God continue to bless your walk with Him and make you a blessing to many. Take care and God bless you always!

Edie said...

Renee - I'm so glad this video lifted your spirits today.

Angela - Yes, Lauren, Lisa (her mom) and I all have a special relationship still. This was about 3 years ago.

Lea - Email me. (edie7777 at tx dot rr dot com)

Joyfulsister said...

Hi my Sister..
I just wanted to say thank you from my heart for your prayers I have an update on my blog. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story, oh how the Angels rejoicing in heaven. She will always remember the Sunday School teacher who made such a difference in her life, I know I still remember my first sunday school teacher till today and one day in heaven I hope I get a chance to tell her Thank you.

Hugz Lorie

Angela said...

I printed out the page you suggested this morning and took it to work with me. I had a good start to my day, some bad money stuff at night, but God showed up in a big way for me, specifically answering a prayer for me in a way that could only be him! Even through the places that would normally put me in a bad mood, I was okay because I knew undeniably that God knows every thought and prayer..before I think and pray them! You are so sweet and supportive and I so appreciate your prayers. God is awesome and he is active!