Aug 27, 2008

Women of Faith Conference - Dallas, TX

Infinite Grace

Angela and I had a great time at the WOF Conference! We have gone for the last three years to the preconference and the main event and it is always Great! Of course there's so much going on and so much emotion that I come back feeling foggy and have a terrible time remembering it all.

Angela picks me up Friday morning (early!) and we head for the train station with a quick stop on the way for an egg mcmuffin and LARGE coffee. Riding the train in to the American Airlines Center is sooo much easier than trying to fight the traffic.

The speakers at the preconference entitled "I Second that Emotion" were Patsy Clairmont, Anita Renfro, and Jan Silvious. Anita taught us that we no longer have to concern ourselves with PMS because everything stems from a Thyroid problem. For instance, she pointed out that the thyroid can make you suddenly, gain weight for no apparent reason... do you see? If you have this problem then you can simply say "It must be my thyroid." Of course she named off quite a number of thyroid related symptoms that we could all relate to and so many women discovered that they have a thyroid problem. :D

When the preconference ended Angela and I grabbed the train back to the car and went out for Mexican food. We had just enough time to eat, hop a train back to the AA Center for the start of the conference. We have been WOF association members so we could get association seating and had really great seats just off the floor and 5 rows from the stage.

Nicole Johnson did a couple of her drama skits. I love watching her. She is really good. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious but you are never disappointed. One drama she did was "The Case of the Missing Mind." I feel a little like the victim in that one just now. :)

Sheila Walsh told us about how she found herself in a circumstance that led her to the place where her father drowned. She talked about her fears, God's comfort, and the ultimate freedom she experienced. She was quite transparent and you could see that the wound had been freshly opened again but you could also see the healing.

Marilyn Meberg talked about abandonment and reminded us that God does not go away and does not forget us. She had a lot to say that touched my heart.

Nicole C Mullen and her youth team just danced their socks off! Nicole talked about how she was in an abusive marriage prior to this marriage and how God has brought healing to her. You can see she has a great passion to encourage the younger generation.

One of the things that stuck with me the most was when Natalie Grant said that when she began her singing career, she had $200.00 and no place to live. But God... This is the kind of thing that gives me great encouragement. Watching God do what only He can do and only He can receive the glory from it. Natalie has a MOST INCREDIBLE voice and a very humble heart.

Stephen Arterburn is the founder and chairman of New Life Ministries and founder of WOF too. He talked of healing but what he said that stuck with me was that just before he founded WOF he had worked on some other conference in his own strength and how, in an arena about the size of the AA Center only about 35 people would be there. In other words, he proved himself a huge failure at organizing conferences. But God ... again. I just can't get enough of stories like that and the hope they offer as they remind us of God's neverending unmerited favor.

Ok, I think I've talked enough for the moment. I put together this little slideshow video if you want to see the pics I took. Don't get too excited, I was very tired when I put this together.



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Joyfulsister said...

I would love to go to a WOF Conference, They have not come to Hawaii Yet. I got to meet Anita Renfroe when we invited her to our church annual Family Camp here in Hawaii and she was our speaker for 3 days along with husband and two children. Thanks for sharing with us.

Hugz Lorie

The Patterson 5 said...

Glad you had a wonderful time. I went to the WOF conference for the first time in Washington DC earlier this summer. It was amazing and also allot for just a few days! It took me a while to let it soak in! Our beach trip was to Nags Head NC. We drove out on the beach just beyond Hatteras.

Chatty Kelly said...

I attended a WOF conference years ago (like 10). It was so inspiring, and you just leave "filled up." I'm so glad you got to go and had an enjoyable time!

Angela said...

I have to tell you that I was confused when you started your story because I don't remember going to Texas and picking you up last weekend. I am glad you had a good time! The pictures were neat..what's the deal with Angela not liking her picture taken? I love how you had to dance with Nicole C.Mullen. The funny thing is, my church has a dance team, and they do all the funky moves like those kids! It's so much fun to watch. Well, ma'am, I will talk to you later: expect to be tagged.
The Real Angela

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Oh Edie this ~ Seeing this made me feel like I got to go along! That you got to go with your buddy Angela is wonderful.... I can only imagine what you gained from this experience... all those women speakers are fabulous... and the worship... everything!
Your video was great too! I'm so excited for you!
Thanks so much for sharing this.. it makes me all the more determined to attend one myself!

Jennifer said...

That sounds like so much fun. I love going to conferences and hearing all about the things God has done to bring healing to so many people!!!

Chatty Kelly said...

I finally just got a chance to watch your slide show. If this is an example of your tired, thrown together You are really talented, girl. I loved the pictures of your photogenic friend, Angela. Does she love the camera or what? haha.

I have to tell you that I am just enjoying getting to know you immensely. God bless.