Aug 22, 2008

Random Question - What's Your Passion?


There are so many great writers and deep thinkers and huge hearts for God in this blogosphere. I just love reading your thoughts on experiences and lessons learned. So I thought it would start a random question meme. I plan to post this on Fridays and I do hope you will join us with your thoughts.

What's your passion or passions? What has God given you a heart for or about?
How is it revealed in your life?

I have a passion about Faith. I am always in awe of those who step out in Faith. I try to place myself in their shoes and wonder how I would respond in their situations.

Can you imagine what Abraham must have been thinking as he walked up that hill with his dearly loved son trying to make some sense of it all? Why would God have me do this? Didn't He promise me this son? Didn't He say my decendents would be like the grains of sand? Isn't He a loving God? Yes He is, and I will trust that He knows best, I choose to have Faith even though I don't understand.

Then there's Elijah. He's my favorite. I am really looking forward to meeting him one day. So he goes to Mt Carmel. He is alone!! There is no friend encouraging him, telling him this is the right thing to do. No one to back him up. He is in the spotlight of his advesaries as he challenges them to prove their God against His God, the All Mighty. Now, in all honesty, would you really have the courage to do that? To create a situation for the sake of His Name, and in public, that only God can get you out of and trust Him for the outcome? I know that I would be praying my heart out as I poured water on that carcass and expecting God to set it ablaze without even the help of a match. But Elijah chose to trust God. To have Faith.

And David, what about him? Not the mighty warrior King David, the gentle shepherd David. He is the one who God said was a man after His own heart. Think about this. An entire army of "mighty warriors" were too afraid to go into combat with this giant, Goliath. By the way, Goliath was only 9 feet 9 inches tall. Granted that is taller than anyone I have ever met but I am pretty suprised that not one "mighty warrior" in that army had even a hint of courage or Faith in that situation. So here's David, a youth, still considered a young boy or a child, and he steps up to the challange. So what would you be thinking after mustering up the Faith to accept Goliath's challange? How about... Oh my goodness, what did I get myself into? God? You are going to fight this one aren't you? I know you fought that bear for me, and then there was that time when you rescued me from the lion too. Will you do it again? Have I pushed it too far this time? No! It is for your Name that I do this. You did not fail me in the past and you will not fail me now. I choose to trust you. I will have Faith.

I have read many biographies of missionaries that had this kind of Faith and it just creates a deeper desire in me to Trust God that much. The Bible says we should have the Faith of a child. Have you ever seen or heard of a little child standing up to a "giant" to defend their mom? I have. What about trying to teach your child to jump to you in a swimming pool for the first time? You may get a lot of "Are you sure you'll catch me!?" type questions, but ultimately they jump. They choose to trust you. They have Faith.

This year God has had me take some pretty big steps of Faith. He is having me trust Him with pretty extreme circumstances. The freedom I have received from this is Awesome. I want to do it again and again.


So what is your passion?

Post about it on your blog with a link to this blog, then come back here and use Mr Linky to link to your post. Be sure to leave a comment here too! I will be at the Women of Faith Conference Friday and Saturday so I may not get a chance to see what you write about until Saturday but I am looking forward to it! (I really hope I do Mr Linky right. Here goes.)


Chatty Kelly said...

Hi Edie - I will write about this on Saturday or Sunday and link up then. I've already posted my Friday post.

Great post!

Angela said...

I hope you have an amazing time at the Women of Faith conference. I went last year in D.C. and it was so awesome. You'll have to write about what you learn. I want to know who the speakers are/were! I know you'll have a blast.

Alene said...

Hey girl, just hopping over to say I hope you have a blessed time at WOF in Dallas! Those are always refreshing and wonderful weekends.
Can't wait to hear all about it!

My ADHD Me said...

Mr Linky? I'm not there yet. Chatty kelly came over and taught me how to link and also how to add pictures. I even took notes but am lost again. When I get home I'm going to sit down and seriously learn a few things about this odd new invention called a computer.

As for my passion....firefighting. It is the most rewarding & exciting thing I have ever done. My only regret about it is I never thought I could so I didn't even try until I was 39 years old. Then I finally decided to go at it. Jumped in with both feet, trained (classroom work, fields, old cars, freezing temps and temps over 100 degrees, rain or snow, and inside buildings with "controlled" fires)for 2 years. There were multiple tests...written and physical. There were 4 females in our class when we started and only 2 of us finished. I was one of the oldest in the class. But after 2 years I received certificates as a Virginia Certified Firefighter I and II. That is when they give you a yellow helmet to replace your blue one. (Blue helmets are rookies)
I do regret that I waited so long. One day (not too far in the future) I am going to need to hang up my yellow helmet. My back is in poor condition The lower disks are starting to crumble (bottom one is gone) and the "gel" between the disks in becoming non-existant in some areas. I'm going to hate stepping down....more than anyone can imagine. But I cannot be a liability to my crew. A lot of it is pride. Also, when I'm not a firefighter...who (not what) but "who" will I be?

Ok, now I've poured out my heart to you. Thought about going back and erasing it but I'll be brave and hit submit. (humor is much easier than writing about emotions).

GEEZ, enough of that....monkey's are funny!

Becoming Me said...

This is wonderful and I do want to play, but I just stumbled on your blog and would need some time to first think. I would like to post something on Monday if it is not too late.

The Patterson 5 said...

I hope I did this right and I hope my post doesn't sound like I am on a soap box.

I love your stories of the heros of the Bible and their tremendous faith!

I also thought of Peter and his faith to get out of the boat, no one else volunteered! I can relate to him in so many ways as sometimes my faith seems so strong and I will boldly step out (into the sea with the storm) but then I will look around and let the fear come in- and look away from Jesus- just like Peter did- and sink. God is so good to allow that to be in His good book for all of the Peter's in the world!

Thanks for the blessing!

Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Edie,

This was fun! I really enjoyed pinpointing my passions for God. Thanks for this opportunity.


Tammy R said...

Hope I'm not to late? Busy weekend.

Stephanie said...

Hi Edie! What a great idea. Thanks for the invitation to join in! Hope you had a fantastic weekend at the conference. Looking forward to hearing about it - you should so a post! :)

Angela said...

I do want to do this one..I tried to start a post on it and couldn't get my thoughts in any kind of order so I'll have to do it a little later in the week. I hope you had an amazing weekend!

My ADHD Me said...

Wow! I think I did it. I think I did the Mr Linky and it worked. I put up a post about it but it pretty much just says I already wrote it here.

Chow (mein)

My ADHD Me said...

Me again.....yes, I know I'm becoming a pain. I think I put my name on the link twice...duh. Maybe you can fix it?

Sue J said...

Thank you for your thoughtful question and response (not to mention your beautiful artwork!). Enjoyed the visit and will be returning!

bo said...

My passion is love. My heart's desire is to love and to be loved. What a co-ink-e-dink that Jesus IS love!!
Thanks for posing the such a great question!

Eve said...

I just put up a new post so I will wait a couple of days to put mine on. In the meantime, I am going to viist everyone on this list.

Kay Martin said...

I am sincerely passionate about seeing God move in people's lives, including my own. Nothing rings my bell like seeing confused, depressed, hopeless, etc. people suddenly in love with the Lord and Life!!!

Recently I have had some of the most dramatic experiences with God suddenly turning lives totally around and it is the most wonderful sound and sight I know.

Yep! That's what my passion is and many things lead to that end. He's IT!!!!!

My ADHD Me said...

Come out, Come out, Where ever you are, and see the young lady who fell from a star.............