Sep 1, 2008

Another Certificate of Acheivements Presentation



Once again I am here to present these Three of a Kind, but still Highly Unique,
Certificate of Achievements to two more individuals who have proven themselves
more than worthy of this High Honor.

To Mrs P at The Patterson 5: This Certificate is being presented for her highly developed, self-taught linking abilities, along with the diligent and consistent use of these new skills. Truely a woman of admirable perseverence!

To Sue at CREATE: Making Something of Today: This Certificate is being presented for her outstanding ability to construct a post that incorporates a link to all of her
closest bloggy friends (I'm honored to be included) while simaltaneously,
incorporating the Blog Names of her bloggy friends into the story plot of her
post. An amazing feat!

Hang these certificates proudly on your blog for all to see, admire, and covet.

If you want to meet two wonderfully kind women of the blogosphere be sure to pay them a visit. They will welcome you with love and friendship. That's what they did for me. :)



Nancie said...

Hi Edie, thanks for sharing about these 2 wonderful ladies. I visited their blogs and enjoyed them. Amazing the way Sue is able to incorporate her blogging friends into the story plot of her post :) Take care and have a blessed week!

The Patterson 5 said...

Thank you for the Linkin blogs award I can't wait to tell my boys it sounds so much like Linkon logs they are sure to be impressed! Have a wonderful holiday today!

Chatty Kelly said...

Hooray! You are so fun, Edie. I admire your ZEST.

Very creative. Worthy of an award even. ;D

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I actually picked up the pizza myself to avoid another era of history passing as I waited. I will go visit these women. Thanks!

Sue J said...

Oh my goodness--you are too good to be true, Edie! A one of a kind!!

I can see that you enjoy brown as much as I do (HA!), and it will be an honor to display this certificate on my blog, reminding me that I have good friends in the Blogosphere!

Thanks for making my day! Keep those Friday Qs coming....

My ADHD Me said...

wow. And just think, I can say I knew them back when...

Michelle said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment on the video I shared. And yes those are my kids in the sidebar...we think they are adorable too...most of the time! :)