Sep 17, 2008

Game of the Day Revisited - Bubbles

Due to the recent growing interest in this game, I thought it would be fun to bring it back for a bit. Now for those of you who are afraid of popping balloons, let me assure you that these are bubbles and not balloons, but this might be good therapy if you have that phobia. :D

Have Fun!

Bubbles - Try to pop the bubbles by shooting at same color bubbles. You must touch 3 or more bubbles of the same color to pop them. Have Fun!



Edie said...

Let me be the first one to say, I'm mad at me for doing this. As if I don't have enough to do!

Post your high score in here!

My ADHD Me said...

How am I going to break this obsession I have with this game now that you have brought it back into the spotlight?!?

My earlier scores were around 13,000-14,000. My high score now is 72,180.....BUT I STILL HAVEN'T BEATEN THE GAME!! Ok, I'm going to try one more time before I go to bed. I set my timer when I play this because i get caught up in it and next thing you know A LOT of time has passed. Good thing with this game is you can minimize and come back later.

Good Grief, I don't have time for this...well, ok....once more before bed.
Good Night.

Sue J said...

Not for one who only has a few minutes. (So it will be a long night, and I won't have time to seriously consider your random question tomorrow....)

This is trouble!....:-)

The Patterson 5 said...

Very fun! I used to work for a cardiologist who would play a game similar to this, Snood, inbetween patients. Good stress relief, Cardiologist approved!

My ADHD Me said...

OK, I am going to blame you when my carpal tunnel syndrome comes back!

My ADHD Me said...

That does it!! I am NOT playing this game any more...right after I play it one more last time!!

Edie said...

Sue J - Thanks for the warning. I'm going to *hide* this when the RQ is posted so there will be no excuse. ;) Besides, I love reading your answers, they are always so beautiful. From one creative person to another.

Mrs P - I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself! :D

ADHD-Jo - Sigh... so much to say here... Last night I started to comment that it was a good thing I had a bit of carpal tunnel to make me stop, but then I remembered that I still played even when it hurt. ..... BUT, thanks to Sue J's keen observation, you can do the RQ tomorrow instead! :P I know how you love those! (jk - I don't really expect that) ..... and finally, did you see what Mrs P said? This game RELIEVES STRESS. .... one more finally, I stayed up waaaayyyy too late last night playing this,just cause I wanted to come in here and tell you I won, which I would have but it slowed down to a serious crawl. I had to quit when I was sooo close and my score was 76,780.

Have a Fun day everyone!

Chatty Kelly said...

I left a comment, earlier...but I must have missed the secret letter quiz and it didn't post and I didn't realize. Hmmm.

Anyway - Mrs P said is was stress reliaving for cardiologist! Can you imagine what their day is like?? "CLEAR!" I think to us average Joes it may not be as relaxing.

Now let me go take that letter quiz and see if I get it right this time.

My ADHD Me said...

Even with your hands hurting and falling asleep (carpal tunnel) , you had to play until you beat my top score. tsk tsk.

I played a few times today. I actually made it to where there were no blue dots but my score was still lower AND I ended up losing anyway.

I really am done for today. I refuse to have to have carpal tunnel surgery again because of this game.

hhmmmm, maybe if I wear my wrist bands while I play.....

As for relieving stress...well, the fire alarm can go off in the middle of the night, wake me from a sound sleep, then I have 1 1/2 minute to get in full gear and on the truck...this game is more stressful than that!


HisPrincess said...

Are you sure they aren't balloons? They look like balloons!
Nope. Sorry. Just can't do it.

Begerk!! In case you are wondering that's my attempt at writing what a chicken sounds like.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Okay, you guys are just CRAZY!

70-something THOUSAND???

I couldn't break 5,000!!!

Well, granted, this is my first time to ever see the game, but I guess I'm just gonna have to come back and try AGAIN!

70-something thousand. Sheesh.

Jennifer said...

Hi Edie, Thanks so much for your encouraging words on my blog. Wonderful people like you are the reason I love to blog!


Edie said...

CK - Cardiologists put other people on stress tests, they don't endure the stress, their patients do. ;)

ADHD-Jo - I'm just a little competitive. I was falling asleep too. But if it makes you feel any better, I'm paying the price today.

I told my daughter that you "found" this game and she started laughing. She was there once. She said what's really bad is that you think "If I could just win once I would be satisfied." Then you win and think "Yay! That was easy. I can do it again!" It's a vicious cycle. (too tired to use the dictionary)

Hisprincess - Begerk? Are you sure that's not a typo? :)

Chel - You're right, we are crazy. I forgot to include the warning that this game is highly addictive. I understand there is an organization forming to help though. Bubbles Annonymous (again too tired)

Edie said...

Ok I'm done. I won at 50,730. :D