Sep 12, 2008

Random Question - What Element of Creation Most Causes You to Worship God

Random Question

Well, it's Friday and time for this week's Random Question. Please join us won't you?
What element of creation makes you most want to worship the LORD?
The Heaven's declare Your greatness,
the ocean cry out to You,
the mountains they bow down before You,
so I'll join with the earth and I'll give my praise to You.

I find myself often looking up at the sky and thinking on God. Sometimes I think I'm looking for Him to appear there. I love to look into the sky, but that is not the element that makes me most want to worship Him.

I used to have my living room decorated in kind of a jungle theme. I had pictures of wild animals on the walls, animals carved out of wood, and stone, and even a real crocodile head. I didn't have the animal killed, so please don't be mad at me. I bought is because it facinated me. It also facinated the five year olds that I taught Sunday School to when we learned about creation.

It's the animals that make me most worship God. Ok, let me add that includes bugs, flying creatures and aquatic creatures too. Everything about them teaches me something about Him, about His character, and His thoughts, and His personality.

I have mentioned that I rarely ever watch television but one night I turned on the tv and went to check out the Discovery Channel. Well it was about the African Dung Beetle. I was so disappointed and started to change the channel but then there was a closeup of this little guy doing what he was created to do. Basically that was find a mate, build a house, have baby beetles, and die, and he had very little time to accomplish it too! Anyway, I found myself being amazed at the personality in this little bug and his wife. At one point he was in the way while she was trying to setup the home and she let him have it with both barrels! I thought it was pretty funny but I don't think he was too amused. But they had a purpose and they knew what it was and worked together to accomplish it. God designed their little bodies perfectly to accomplish their tasks of digging, and rolling up the supply of food that would be necessary to sustain their little bugs as mom and dad would never see them.

God gave creatures incredible camouflauges, both for protection and for hunting advantages. The leopards spots blend in with the leafy shadows of the trees. God made zebras to hang out together and the stripes make it difficult for preditors to tell where one zebra ends and another begins. There are bugs that look like leaves, fish that look like rocks, and animals that change color with the season or the environment. When feeling threatened goats play dead, puffer fishes puff into a spiny ball, and there is a lizard that looks like that cute little dinosaur in Jurassic Park whose neck fanned out like an umbrella. Then there are the built in protection weapons like the frog we met in my post on why dogs should not eat frogs.

God put so much thought into His creation it really is hard to choose just one element. When I look at the creatures, I see incredible beauty, protective features, defensive features, logic, imagination, creativity, variety, oddity, uniqueness, color, and personality. I have been amazed to find personality in every creature. I had a fish once in a fish bowl that, when I would walk near the bowl he would actually swim to the top of the bowl and let me pet his head.

Without a doubt, when I look at the creatures I am awestruck over my Creator.

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Power Up Love said...

the greatest gift...

My ADHD Me said...

Good Morning. For some reason I couldn't sleep at all last night (that's a song isn't it?). I FINALLY dozed off sometime between 5:30-6:00AM and then had to get up at 7:00 to get kids up.

Point--no deep thoughts this morning. The first thing that comes to my mind (by the first thing, I mean the first thing that has anything to do with your RQ is the sky and the clouds. Especially when the sun is going down and there are lots of clouds with streaks of sunshine around them. Also before a storm.

But to be random....imagine that... I explored your blog today and found your game section. In my tired and zoned out condition I began to play....and play...and play. (great, just what I need, little bubbles and dots to pop and hit and draw while I am sitting here nodding off). Yet here I go again to try to beat my top scores. Which by the way aren't very good but are getting better. Line of the day=2445. Dots=I won 41:8. Bubbles 2260.

More proof that Busy does NOT equal productive....but if I could just beat my top score....

My ADHD Me said...

Oh My Goodness!!

I was just watching the weather channel and thought about you!

What are you doing sitting at your computer??


Praying for your safety and all who may be affected by Ike.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Oh Edie,
I love your question this week. It really makes you think, and appreciate everything around us. I am so thankful, and just love God so much. When we look at creation, and really take it all in... just makes me want to walk around with lifted arms and worship the God who made everything.
Praise the Lord,... thank you for reminding me of his Greatness!

Lori from Hawaii commented on my blog about my hearts and asked me how I did that? I sent her to you, and told her you decorated my blog!

Be blessed today sweet Edie,
God is so great, and loves us so much! Hallelujah!!!

The Patterson 5 said...

I hope you are somewhere dry and safe. You will be in my prayers. I loved inspirational places that just bring on worship and praise!

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...


There is a beautiful sugar maple tree just outside my kitchen, and when it turns a brilliant golden yellow in the fall, it literally takes my breath away every time I walk by the window. I have spent many precious moments on my knees in worship, just thanking God for that gorgeous tree. He is good!

Chatty Kelly said...

I'm not sure if my posting matches the question well. My answer (music) isn't really an element of creation so to speak, but certainly music is a gift from God and it does touch me the most in worship.

Even when I'm at a loss for words (yes, Chatty Kelly can not know what to say in the presence of her heavenly Father), I always have a praise song available to put my feelings out there. When I say "God you are wonderful" - well it seems lame - of course he is. Well, duh. But to sing a praise song - it just seems to fill me with joy.

I'm not an outdoorsy type, but thunderstorms make me realize God's power, as does the ocean. Those are the 2 things that make me say "Wow - You ARE an all powerful God."

Tracy said...

Wow...fascinating perspective. I have always been absolutely blown away by the intricacy of flowers, and also of the lives of insects and animals. That being said, the thing that causes me most to shake my head in utter amazement of our Creator is human conception and development. It's staggering to me all the incredible things about our bodies that are just beyond explanation. How anyone can doubt the existence of God based our the human body alone is completely beyond me. We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made!


P.S. Thank you for your very kind wishes for my hubby and I. = )

Angela said...

I am glad you are safe (and with power)! I love your story about the little bug and his "wife". My friend's dogs are so cool to watch and they definitely have very distinct personalities. One's a clever prankster and the other is very pretty but not so smart. It is amazing how creative God is!

Sue J said...

If Adam had you by his side, he wouldn't have had any trouble coming up with animal names! You know them so well.... And, perhaps that's partially where this is all leading.

How well does our Creator know us? With such great intimacy! That you would seek to know His creation as well as you do...what wonderful insights you have into His creation and, thus, the Creator Himself!

And it shows! You bless us all so much, Edie--thanks!!

From what the posts say, you are doing OK, and that is a blessing, too.

On Purpose said...

My boys! They are such masterpieces of a God who uses such amazing creativity. Through my boys I see God in some pretty big and amazing ways...each and everyday. Thank you God for blessing me with these to gifts of straight from your master hand!