Dec 11, 2009

Do Not Be Conformed

What do you think of our culture? Are you happy with the messages embraced in our culture? Do you like what your children are being taught in this culture? Does our culture reflect Biblical values? Do you want to change the culture?

My answer. I want change the culture. I'm sick of secular culture views being crammed down my throat and into the minds of my grand-girls. It didn't used to be that way in this nation. There was a time when moral and biblical values reigned. So how did it change so drastically? That secular minority stood up and fought for what they believed in. Or maybe I should say they fought against what they didn't believe in. The point is, they didn't conform to a moral culture they didn't want, instead they changed it.

In Romans 12:2 Jesus tells us...
"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God."

Jesus tells us that we are not to conform to this world. Let's look at the definition and synonyms of conform.
  1. to act in accordance or harmony; comply.
  2. to act in accord with the prevailing standards, attitudes, practices, etc., of society or a group.
  3. to be or become similar in form, nature, or character.
  4. to be in harmony or accord.
Synonyms: yield, agree, consent, correspond, agree, tally, adapt, adjust, accommodate.

Let's see if we can gain a fresh perspective on this. I have substituted the word conform with some of the synonyms and definitions.
do not act in harmony with this world.
do not comply with this world.
do not be similar in form to this world.
do not yield to this world.
do not adapt to this world.
do not adjust to this world.
do not accomodate this world.

Now lets consider what is meant by "this world". It's easy to think of "this world" in the big things, the things that are blatantly and obviously against the Word of God, but we need to be especially sensitive to the subtle things of the world that may not have the appearance of sin or evil but can distract us. These are the things that the enemy will use most effectively to keep us conformed to "this world". These are the things that will keep us from making progress in our efforts to forward the Kingdom and will cause us to lose ground. It's been happening under our noses for years and is the reason our nation is in the sad state it is in. Thoughts that something really isn't too bad, or that bad, or it's only, or it's just a little, or not a big deal, are just some of the warnings that we might be conforming, yielding, adjusting, and accommodating. We need to ask God for His perspective. Our lives are transformed as Jesus gives us a new mind, His mind, the mind of Christ. It isn't the same mind we had before we said we would follow Him. In order for that to happen we must give Him full reign over all our thoughts and take on His perspective in everything. We do this in willing active cooperation with Him on a continuous basis.

While you and I benefit from this transformation, it is not for me or for you, but it is to prove that the Will Of God is Good, Acceptable, and Perfect. It is to display the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God to other believers so that they will be encouraged, and it is to show the world of nonbelievers that God's will is good, acceptable, and perfect. It is to Glorify God!

We have learned that change begins with the individual so it makes sense that we begin changing the culture by doing what this scripture says and refusing to yield, agree with, adapt to, and accommodate the standards, attitudes, and practices of this world. Not just the obvious but the subtle as well.

I am praying and asking God to show me those areas where I have unknowingly conformed to this world. I hope you will continue on this journey with me.

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"A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!" ...Maya Angelou


Irritable Mother said...

My answers:
It's scary.
Yes, but it feels overwhelming.

I will not conform to this world, but to change it seems too much for me. It is not too much for God, though. And I will be faithful to Him - in whatever way He chooses to work in and through me. All the glory is HIS, right?

2Thinks said...

This is wonderful truth and expressed so well. I've been sitting here looking at the words and the beautiful pictures of your grandgirls in the sidebar- yes, I want to stand up for the teachings of Jesus Christ on every side...It is so hard to maintain the high standard that is required to not conform to the subtle things of this world, especially. You end up feeling like a complete alien in a foreign land.

But really. It is what it is: "...As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you..." John 15:19

Funny that God created us in His image, which inherently means: we are created to love and we long to be loved- then he placed us here to be a light in the world and give hope- to those, who hate us.

Sounds harsh, but if you really get talking to folks about Jesus- it doesn't take long for the uncomfortable vibes to show up. And way too many times for me, it doesn't take long before I am clamming up, zipping my lip- so I don't overrock the boat.

Anyway, I'm posting a post in your comments- sorry- you always strike a chord in me with your writing. We are of like minds. This whole thing would be easier if all of us like mindeds lived together in a believers commune, such as the one Shane Claiborne started, eh? :)

RCUBEs said...

I am sad of all the things going on around us as if there is no God and they want to worship the god that suits to their needs or their lifestyles. Everything that's happening is just like from the old times in the Bible whenever godly people let in idols into their lives and replace God with those.
I had a bag of potatoes I forgot to cook one time in my dark pantry. I smelled something bad and discovered how one rotting potatoes, started the ones next to it to rot, too...When we conform to this world, and not focus on Christ, we, believers, have the tendency to rot like those potatoes, too and I'm sure that we are reeking to His nose.

This is from my old post [the $10 Challenge]: "As Christians, we must not retreat from this secular world and associate only with Christians. We feel like retreating from all the immorality, or the violence, or evil that surround us. There is nothing wrong with that. Except we must realize that Jesus prayed for us not to be taken “out of this world” but that we would be protected from the evil one while ministering to others in this world. We need to allow our light to shine before others. We need to reflect the Light. We need to let our salt give flavor to those who surround us."

We must stand up for the Truth! Great post sister and I was the one more blessed with your return visit yesterday. Have a great weekend and may God continue to give you the discernment regarding this matter. I pray many will come and be enlightened by this journey. It's all about Him. Glory to God!

Tammy said...

How's the saying go..."Great minds think alike." :)

I so agree with you! My daughter(16) from time to time tries to convince me to let her watch PG-13. She says " A lot of my friends at church,do."

I remind her that I care what her eyes and ears are receiving.

I love your convictions and Truth that is in your heart.

Speak out, girlfriend!

Love ya,

Andrea said...

I am praying with you (regarding the current state of the world).

If you have not seen Jackie's post at Fresh will want to go and praise GOD with her. I am still teary....happy tears....tears of joy as I praise GOD for giving her the miracle we all prayed for.

Bless you, sweet friend!

Hugs, prayers, and love,

tiggerdaisy said...

Hallelujah! What a post! I'm in total agreement with you!

Prayers and blessings,

From the Heart said...

Oh, Edie, it sounds like God is working in a lot of people to take a stand against what the enemy is trying to do to our country. I know there are things that will come to pass because the Bible tells us it will but we don't have to like it and we don't have to commit to it. I believe what we do will have an affect on those who do not believe in the God that we serve. I don't want to stand before God empty handed.
Blessings to you and all the others who are standing together against the evilness in our world.

Heart2Heart said...


I agree with you that every day it gets harder and harder to accept what is going on in the world. We just have to stay situated in our prayer life and keep lifting the needs and troubles up to God and remain steadfast in our faith.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Yolanda said...

I love looking at synonyms...often times it brings a word home, big time! Love you! By the way...walking this one out with ya.