Dec 19, 2009

Project 365 - December 20, 2009

Project 365

This is almost our last Project 365 of the year. I have really enjoyed doing this. Sara has decided to host this again in 2010! Yay! Thanks Sara! I hope the rest of you will join us.

Now on to the pictures...

Monday - A gift from a Good Friend. More on this tomorrow.

Tuesday - Christmas shopping. Have I mentioned how much Tobi LOVES Christmas?

Wednesday - Wrapped gifts.

Thursday - Computer Girl's Birthday! Happy Birthday my little Sweet Potato! That is a cake baked in an ice cream cone and decorated to look like an ice cream cone. Don't worry, I baked more than one. ;)

Friday - The girls spent the night. Word Girl, the animal lover, is watching Animal Planet. Miss Personality, is making Christmas gifts. Computer Girl, is playing with the remote control truck (?) I got her for her birthday. She said it was awesome. LOL!

Saturday - Tobi got to open a present from my friend Angela. She is a happy dog!

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Anonymous said...

Aww... great, sweet pictures. And your ice cream cone cake looks lovely and "almost" too good to eat! ha ha

Dena said...

Love the ice cream cone cake...very cute.

I had to laugh at your dog with his head in the bag. Mine do that as well.

Kelly Combs said...

we've made those cupcake cones before. YUMMY! I think my Cici would love to come over and play with Computer Girl and her truck. And Gigi would enjoy hanging out with Word Girl. And you and me, well that goes with out saying. Start the coffee!

Yolanda said...

So sweet!

Merry Christmas and much love, Yolanda

sara said...

what a great week!

your dog is hilarious!! very nosy!! I could have that picture at my house but it would be my SON with his head in the bag not the dog! ha!

Love the icecream cone cake...cute!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Kim said...

What great photos this week! Too funny to see Tobi's enthusiasm :-)

Computer Girl shares a birthday with my "baby" boy -- who turned 28 this year :-)

Have a wonderful, blessed, best ever Christmas!

From the Heart said...

Beautiful pictures. Soon you will have a year of picture to put into a calendar photo album. Do they make those kind?

Cute picture of your dog and so funny. He looks like he's having a good time.

Happy Birthday to Computer Girl.

My ADHD Me said...

I think that Project 365 is so neat. It is a great way to recap your year for your own memories and we get a peek in your life also. I have thought about it but decided not to add anything to my list of things to do now.

Dog with head in plastic

RCUBEs said...

Happy Birthday to "cute"puter girl! It looked like they had a blast looking at those yummy cone cakes!

Merry Christmas to you sister Edie and God bless you and your family!

rita said...

Hi, super grandma!
I spent hours last night wrapping presents.
The cat got into the meat thawing overnight, but no damage compared to Tobi's mischief! Too funny!
Cute little cakes!
Have a marvellous week!

Esthermay said...

Edie! I don’t know if I’ve ever visited you for Project 365! Have I?
I’m glad we’re doing it again in 2010 too.

Do you actually bake the cone in the oven? I’ve always wanted to do this. I just decorated a birthday cake yesterday with ice-cream cones.
Happy Birthday, Sweet Potato!!

Love your wrapping paper.

Tobi!!! If Toby is like our dog, that gift did not stay intact for long.

Merry CHRISTMAS, Edie and to your precious family too! And doggie!

God Bless you,

Andrea said...

Hi Olivia,

Thank you for leaving me a sweet note on my blog. It really was not a big deal. You see, when you obey GOD things work out. God told mom to let me write about Bowser's needs and HE did the rest! As you grow and learn, be sure to always listen to GOD and follow his directions. You will not regret it. It is sooo cool to do things GODS way. He takes my parents and I on lots of fun adventures.

You know, you are a special little girl. My furry sense can tell!! GOD is going to do amazing things in and through your life. Don't ever forget: GOD LOVES YOU and so do I!

Woofs and Wags,

Sitka and the rest of The Perdue Zoo