Dec 17, 2009

Prayer Request Please

I received this prayer request from a very good friend of mine this morning.

"Could you please pray for my son R. He's on and off again girlfriend is pregnant and has an appointment early next week to have an abortion. He doesn't want this but feels he has no say. He was so broken last night."

 Would you please pray with me for her son, his girlfriend, and the baby? Please pray that she would not go through with the abortion and that God would work in both of their hearts to draw them to Himself. Thank you all!

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"A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!" ...Maya Angelou


LisaShaw said...

Praying right now indeed!!!

rcubes said...

I just prayed...God knows and may His will be done! Blessings.

Heart2Heart said...


Knowing how difficult an unexpected pregnancy can make you jump to bad decisions to solve the problem, I am asking for God's divine hand in this situation. May God gather these three souls together and unite them for His purpose for them to not end this precious life but look to Him for the solutions to this problem. An abortion is never the answer, just the quick fix.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for all of them.

From the Heart said...

I have prayed Edie and will continue to lift them up to the Father.


Father God:

You are the Creator of LIFE! Would you change the heart of this young woman - that she would not have this abortion as planned? Would you allow this tiny life to be sustained?
Your Word says that You can turn the heart of a king - so would You turn the heart of this woman?
And I pray salvation for all of these involved! IN JESUS' NAME, Amen!

B His Girl said...

Praying for them. B

Warren Baldwin said...

Received this one, too, and am praying.

American History said...

your prayer request touched us. We are praying for you. We found this site helpful Check it; maybe it gives you a relief. God bless you.

Winging It said...

Praying, if you hear the praise report, pls share!

God bless...oh, btw - your granddaughters are so sweet! I don't have grandchildren yet, but am enjoying my nieces and nephews very much!


Nezzy said...

Parting the clouds and pressing through to Heaven right now for all of them. I'm especially asking God changes the heart of the mother and helps her to realize how precious this little life is. It is the time of Christmas miracles and we will just be expecting good news here. Please keep us updated on this matter.

God bless and ya'll have a wonderfully blessed weekend!

sara said...

praying right now.

sonja said...

Thank you for sharing this on your page. I also received this request and am joining in prayer with all who read this.

God is definitely at work here, and He loves the prayers of His children.

christschild said...

Hello..I'm Elizabeth. I found your blog on a friends' blog. I will be praying for this family...I believe in the power of prayer...the power of our Heavenly Father.
I also have a prayer request if I may...there is a sweet young lady who has been diagnosed with cancer. She is 14 and has had a tough life...but she is amazingly strong and courageous. She believes in God and isn't giving up. She is an inspiration to all who know her. I know she would appreciate the prayers as well. I also heard you might be able to make a prayer button for her. That would be a blessing. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It's very nice to meet you.
Blessings in Christ,

p.s. Here is Hope's blog