Dec 21, 2009

A Rich Gift From a Dear Friend

Yesterday I mentioned receiving a gift in the mail. It was a complete surprise and was from my good friend ADHD-Jo. If you don't know her, by all means go introduce yourself you are sure to be delighted. She's kind, thoughtful, witty, a blast to be around, and did I mention funny? Anyway, I thought I would share my gift with you today.
The package.

A peek inside.

A wrapped gift, a card, and lots of bubble wrap for the girls.

Tobi wanted to help unwrap it.

A Christmas ornament! How cute! It's a little chair with a gift sitting on it. You can't tell from the picture but the heart says "Special Friend" on it. I LOVE IT!

Thank you so much MY ADHD-Jo!

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Nezzy said...

What a beautiful gift. I'm so glad ya'll had such great help in opening your gift!!! I can't wait to see how excited your doggie gets Christmas Morn!

I wanted to thank you for poppin' in with a comment. In the words of old Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now, ya hear!!!"

God bless and have a wonderful season with your fam.

Sue J. said...

That's so perfect, because I know there is nothing she would like better than to have you come by and take a seat for awhile....

(And see how long it took before something reached emergency status that would cause her to spring into action! Hope her hair's tied up so it doesn't get caught in something. Maybe there's a bungee cord.... Hey, my word verification is 'dednal'. Can you hammer a dednal into a new house? Let's ask the guys at "This Old House"....)

Monkeys are funny!

Andrea said...

What a beautiful gift. I love Christmas ornaments are always special.
Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Christmas!

Kelly Combs said...

Sweet! I got an ornament from a special friend too. It was a RICH GIFT to receive. :-) Thank you!!!

Things are a wee bit crazy over here and I try to get everything done, plus we got about 18" of snow this weekend.

Thanks for being such a great friend.

RCUBEs said...

So beautiful as the ornament was covered with love and thoughtfulness. You got a great helper there :) Merry Christmas and God bless you always.

Yolanda said...


Merry Christmas to you!

B His Girl said...

awww sweet. B

My ADHD Me said...

aww shucks.

I got an awesome ornament in the mail too!

I took the pics for the I need to download or upload ... um

Get them from the camera to the computer to the blog to the post!


(I used to know how to do this....I've been slacking on pictures!!)

I'm glad you liked it. I love mine. It is PERFECT!!


Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

That is so nice!! What fun to receive a Christmas package in the mail! I am all excited for you!

Merry Christmas!

Greg C said...

Wow that is a nice ornament. Can I have the bubble wrap?

From the Heart said...

That is so sweet. I got a really neat gift and two handmade cards. Having friends is the best.

Have a Merry Christmas.
Luv u

Debra said...

I want to thank you for my beautiful bookmark and the card! Also for the wonderful tags you make from my lovely.
Merry Christmas!
Love, Debra