Mar 3, 2009

Kind Bloggy Friends - Edited

Edit - If you are looking for the book review it will be out tomorrow. I had a little blogger publishing mishap. Sorry for the confusion. I now return you to your regularly scheduled post.
I have been awarded by some very kind bloggy friends and I am behind in posting them. Please accept my apologies. The ladies who presented me with these awards have been a blessing to me. Please stop by their blogs and introduce yourself. I'm sure they would love to get to know you. I know I have.
And because I have loved getting to you, yes you, point to yourself and say "Me"... now you get it. As I was saying, because I have enjoyed getting to know you, I am passing these awards on to you.
You can use them any way you want. Just be nice. :) Here are some suggestions for those who are creatively challenged.
  1. Hang them in your blog.
  2. Create an Awards blog just for displaying your awards.
  3. Print them out and frame them.
  4. Use them as scrapbooking elements.
  5. Make stickers from them to give to your kids.
  6. Share them with others and spread the love.
  7. Now tell me your ideas when you leave a comment.
Lisa from Mama's Smitten has awarded me with the Mommy of the Year Award. You have no idea how this makes me smile. :) Thank you Lisa!
Becky from Holiday in the Sun passed along this Sisterhood Award. Now who doesn't want a holiday in the sun? That sounds great to me. Thank you Becky!


Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind ~ Luke 10:27


Dorothy Champagne said...

On my sidebar on my blog it said you had a book review of 90 minutes in Heaven. I was so looking forward to that and then it said the page was unavailable - wonder what happened?

Chatty Kelly said...

I can't wait to read the 90 Minutes review either. But I LOVE teh mommy picture above. She is grilling sandwiches with an iron? That's the way I cook. LOL!!

really cute.

Greg C said...

Edie, those are girly awards. I think I will pass but you surely deserve them.

My ADHD Me said...

I LOVE the Mommy of the Year award and you Definitely deserve it. Not only for your daughter but for your granddaughters also.

I've been a slacker blogging for a while and then yesterday when I was in the mood, we lost our internet because of the March....10 INCHES!!!

My ADHD Me said...

Good Grief! I am so far behind. I've missed a few of your last posts.
I'm off (I know) to read them now!

B His Girl said...

How fun and sweet. Want to hear the 90 minutes review. I read it too. b

LisaShaw said...

Hey Sis, where's the book review????

You certainly fit those awards or should I say they fit you (smile).

Runner Mom said...

Those awards are perfect for you, sweet friend! Love the Mommy face!!


From the Heart said...

I was looking forward to your review of the book. I have read it but can't remember what was said. I'll have to re-read it.

You are very deserving of the Mommy of the Year award. I'm sure your daughter wishes she had given that to you. You have so many creative ideas to keep your grandchildren busy and having fun doing it.

The Sisterhood Award is nice too. Since I don't have a sister (or brother) I can count all my blogging friends as my sisters. We are sisters in Christ. Someone should do an award for the Blogging Sisterhood of the Internet or something like that.

Thanks for allowing us to have a copy. I will put them in my slideshow of Awards on my left sidebar and visit the two ladies who gave them to you. It may take me a while to post them and pass them on to others.
AliceE. :-)

B His Girl said...

Oh...I'm back to say, God used the "B" Beautiful design you made for me as I wrote my turtle post today. I wrote most of my post last week. All I need was the ending and a verse. I sat at the computer this morning intending to go in a different direction. As I started writing, He brought the 'B' Beautiful to mind. He wants me to break my alabaster box. Last week I woke up at 3:11 in the morning. I felt God was leading me to a verse. I have been in the New Testament looking for a word in Chapter 3 verse 11 in many books. This morning He showed me Eccl. 3:11. That has been a powerful verse to me. Duh Barbara! Edie, the B Beautiful is a Marker for me. I just wanted you to know how God is using that. Thank you for B'ing His Girl. You are special to Him and me. B

Irritable Mother said...

Congrats, Edie!
I have certainly enjoyed getting to know you, too.
In fact, I think of you every time my son plays the Witch Doctor song that he has saved in his email. So glad you re-introduced me to that song, so I could share it with Joshua. *grin*

HIS Daughter said...

Congratulations Edie! You deserve it! I haven't forgotten I want my blog makeover. I'm just way behind in everything.

I'm finally trying to get my testimony out and who knew that would be so difficult...but it's worth it all in the end if it helps one person see HIS grace and glory.


Tracy said...

Hi Edie! Congrats on these well-deserved awards! = )

Your kind comments today thrilled my heart! Thank you so much for sharing that with me.


Kathryn said...

Well-deserved awards, Edie! (And, just the picture of the "Mommy of the Year Award" made me smile, too!) :-)

Marla said...

You are well deserving of the awards! I love to read your blog.