Dec 15, 2008

Heather Tagged Me First

My bloggy friend Heather at Things Above tagged me with this Christmas tag. Then ADHD-Jo at Monkey's are Funny tagged everyone but I know she can't run that fast and I made it to safe before she got me. Anyway I was already tagged by Heather first, but I'm gonna give ADHD-Jo credit for trying.

A Christmas Tag

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? - Mocha.

2. Does Santa wrap the presents or just sit them under the tree? - "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights." James 1:17. And on Christmas, they come wrapped.

3. Lights on house / tree are colored or white? - White this year.

4. Do you have mistletoe? - Is that like athletes foot? Then no.

5. When do you put your decorations up? - This year I planned to get started on Thanksgiving night but it was the next day, and the day after, and the day after that, and the day ....

6. Favorite Holiday Dish (EXcluding dessert)? - Spiral cut Ham. Yummy, yummy in my tummy.

7. Favorite Christmas memory as a child? - My grandma would make sugar cookies and my sister and I would cut them out and decorate them before they were baked. Yes before. It was my opportunity to get creative. She had several Christmas cookie cutters, a wreath, snowman, candy cane, etc. We would lightly press the decorations in the dough to enhance the design. Sometimes we used colored egg whites to paint the cookies. It was a long process but so much fun. Of course we usually got tired before we finished so the last batch often just had sprinkle thrown on them but the first few batches were beautiful!

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? - I don't remember. Must not have been a big deal.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? - If someone gives me a gift on Christmas Eve then I open it.

10. How do you decorate your tree? - This year I have white lights and mostly white, glass, and gold ornaments. I didn't plan it that way but that's how it turned out. I love white. A lot of my ornaments are ones that I have made over the years. I will show pictures in another post.

11. SNOW. Love it or dread it? - I grew up in California and never saw snow til I moved to Texas fourteen years ago. Here's my idea of snow. That is Olivia in the picture. We had a great time that day but I wouldn't want to live where it really snows. Too cold for me.

12. Can you ice skate? - Yes! I used to love going to the ice skating rink. My grandma would drop us off for the day (maybe it was just a few hours). I went quite often.

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? - ???

14. What is the most important thing about Christmas to you? - The birth of Jesus Christ. The very idea that God would wrap Himself in flesh and live a lowly life among us, so that He could identify with our lives on a personal level that we can understand is just Amazing.

15. What is your favorite holiday dessert? - Peanut Butter Fudge.

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? - I have begun a new tradition with the girls. They each make Jesus a birthday gift. On Christmas day I read the story of His birth while they act it out with the play nativity set. I have a faux Jesus Birthday Cake that I made from a box. They each place their gifts inside the box, then they "light the candles" (battery operated candles with glittered silicone bulbs) and place then on the cake. Then we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

17. What tops your Christmas tree? - A Cross.

18. Which do you prefer, giving or receiving gifts? - Yes. Actually I much prefer to give. Ok, I love to give. Especially if I did good and it makes the other person happy.

19. Favorite Christmas Song? - These two.

20. Candy Canes, Yum or Yuck? - Um, somewhere in between.

21. What do you want for Christmas? - To see His face.

22. Do you attend an annual Christmas party? - Not in many, many years.

23. Do you usually dress up for Christmas Eve or wear PJ's? - In between. Casual dress but would love to have a reason to dress up.

24. Do you own a Santa Hat? - No, but would love to have a crown of thorns.

25. Who do you normally spend Christmas with? - My daughter and grandaughters.

26. What is your favorite Christmas decoration and why? - This is a small Christmas ornament that sits on my mantle. It reads "My soul magnifys the Lord." Luke 1:46. This scripture expresses my heart. The Bible says that Mary pondered what the angel told her in her heart. She had to have done so everytime she felt Him kicking and moving inside her. She had to have been in a complete state of awe and wonder over this incredible act of God. And that out of all the other women on the face of the earth, He noticed her and gave this incredible honor and responsibility to her even though she was no one special. God showed her that she was someone to Him.

Your turn! If you haven't already played then TAG You're It!!


Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind ~ Luke 10:27


Beverlydru said...

I loved reading your responses. The pictures and videos are great too. Thanks for sharing.

My ADHD Me said...

I never even saw Heather coming!! She is FAST!!!

#2. Awww


#7. Grandmas are the GREATEST!!

#10. Waiting on Pictures!

#12. Purple

#16. Love your traditions! (Also love the battery operated candles .... Safety First!!

#19. Uncanny...(you know what I mean?)

#26. I always love your insight.

Loved learning a little bit more about you.

P.S. Your Christmas blizzards remind me of ours.

Chatty Kelly said...

Loved your memories! So great.

You didn't tag me, "I'm safe of base!" HAHA!

Have a great day!

Greg C said...

I will tag you Kelly just as soon as I get to finishing my tag. :) Great post Edie

debrah said...

thank you edie for your post and the videos especially Mary Did You Know?
I first heard that song on a Billy Graham special...I forget the female singers name but her voice was powerful...what a beautiful song.
In His Love,

Kathryn said...

Fun, Edie. (And I loved how your answers to the "Santa" questions redirected everyone to Jesus Christ!) :-)

"Mary Did You Know" is one of my favorites, too. It always brings tears to my eyes!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

4: athletes FOOT? ohhhNOOOOO;
6: We're havin SPIRAL HAM this year! Hubbys work bought everyone a beeeeautiful spiral ham again YEEEHAAA-- I CAN EMAIL YOU SOME!! LOL
7: How does one decorate a cookie before one bakes it? I don't get it.
but I'm laughin my head off at THROWIN sprinkles on the last ones.Been there, done that...
11: Olivia reminds me of the little girl on the Trans Siberian Orchestra music video: Christmas in Sarejevo -- where she gets up on the piano conducting the orchestra? THAT IS A CUTE PICTURE OF HER IN THE SNOW!She looks so little!
24: SOMETIMES dreams come true!
It's gonna be late but you will have it for EASTER! LOL

The Patterson 5 said...

I enjoyed reading your memories and favorites!
Growing up we used to decorate the cookies before they baked too. Oh so fun!
Your Christmas day tradition sounds so wonderful. What a wonderful way to commit to serving Jesus by giving a gift to him on His birthday.

Our youth group at church did a skit about a Birthday party where everyone was excited about the party and decorations and festivities but had forgotten the person they were celebrating. They even opened all of the gifts greedily. Made me think alot about how we celebrate our Saviour's birthday.
Love to you and may you make more and more wonderful memories!

Jody said...

I've wanted to mention I love how you sign your blog. The scripture is one I love. A great time of the year to be reminded how to love God.

Truth4thejourney said...

What a precious list! I loved your ornament, Edie! So meaningful so precious!!


Debra said...


I loved reading your post...I can hear the love of our Lord all throughout your words.

You bless me so....

Happy Tuesday to you!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

#2 - LOOVE your answer
#10 - I love white, too
#11 - I had to move AWAY from Texas to get to see snow!
#14 - Fabulous answer
#16 - we do a birthday cake for Jesus, too. I will elaborate more when I do my "Traditions" post before Christmas.

This was a fun read!