Dec 31, 2008

Thankful Thrusday - Reflections and Resolutons 2009

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

Happy New Year to all of my dear bloggy friends! I am joining Sonya's Thankful Thursday today as I reflect on 2008 and set my sights on what God has in store for 2009.

This last year has been an incredible year of discovering God in so many new ways. I think the central theme for me this year has been Trust. God has challenged me to trust Him in ways that are new to me and I have found Freedom, and Adventure, and Awe of Him like I have never known. I want to live my life in pure and simple Trust and Obedience, without the safety net.

In these last couple of months I have felt the winds of change beginning to blow in. God is moving and I sense a new course taking shape. New possibilities are beginning to take root, doors of opportunity are beginning to open, new ideas are brewing, and excitement is in the air. I am looking forward to stepping into the unknown with my God and Trusting Him with the outcome.

1 - Thank you Lord for the incredible peace you have given me this year in these unusual and somewhat confusing circumstances that you have placed me in. Your provision has been unfailing.

2 - Thank you Lord for bringing me into the blogosphere. This has been a blessing that I never would have imagined. You have brought healing to my heart through the many people I've met here and their writings. Healing through tears and through wonderful laughter. You have brought me lasting friendships with many wonderful sisters in Christ. And you have even used me to be a blessing to others here.

3 - Thank you Lord for the growth I have seen in my grandaughters. This year I have watched them go from listening to me pray, to praying their own LONG list of "Thank yous" and "Help Mes". They have learned scripture and are excited to do so. They have brought questions about you to me at times that were not expected. Continue to draw them near to you Lord and reveal yourself to them.

4 - Thank you Lord for some of the changes I am beginning to see lately, and the new opportunities that you have set before me. I still don't know exactly what you have in store but I will follow you. Please give me clear direction and wisdom in decisions.

5 - Thank you Lord for the recent help you have brought my way in things that were just a little too much for me by myself.


Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind ~ Luke 10:27


Anonymous said...

I am Thankful for friends like you! You are an inspiration!

Angela said...

As you wrote, I am so thankful for the awesome women I have met blogging! Happy New Year, Friend!


Runner Mom said...

Edie...your blog is truly a blessing to mea nd so many others! Thanks so much for being obedient and writing what God has placed on your heart.

I can't wait to see what GOd has in store for you in 2009! He is so awesome! What a wonderful God we serve!

Love you!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

God bless you in this new year! 12:14 a.m.

Greg C said...

Thank you Edie for everything that you do. I am so glad I met you here in blogland.

Suzanne Eller said...

Thanks for adding my quote to your site. : ) So nice to meet you.

Melanie said...

Edie, your words about entering into a new season and the winds of change blowing are so exciting! I love it when women move forward in God! MY passion is ~ to encourage, motivate and offer any insight God has given me to help others develop and grow in faith and their endeavors to glorify God!

B His Girl said...

Happy New Year Edie,

God sometimes stirs an excitement that something new is coming. Expect good things. You are growing out of your current pot. It is time to be replanted so you can bear more fruit. :)

Jody said...

Beginning a blog this year has been a great way to meet new friends. Thanking God that we can use technology to glorify Him. Happy 2009.

From the Heart said...

Edie, I am thankful for having met you and all the others. I started out joining an internet Bible Study and have gained so much from my Heavenly Father through the study, starting my own blog and a world of friends. He is so awesome. I look forward to what He has in store for all of us in this new year.
Be blessed,

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Happy BRAND NEW YEAR my sweet friend and sister EDIE! OH HOW THANKFUL I AM FOR YOU! ~winds of change BLOW!~

Today's a new day to get off my big butt and REALly give GOD my EVERYthing. That even includes my hoarding stash of M&M's!! No more jokin around that "it's all good," coz those things are EVIL for me.*
I'm following God with everything I am and have... BODY, MIND AND SOUL! I'm excited Edie! God has great things in store!

Chatty Kelly said...

Happy New Year sweet sister! I'm so thankful for God meeting your needs, and for our new friendship.

Looking forward to 2009!

My ADHD Me said...

Happy New Year!

Your new opportunities and or possibilities sound exciting. I cannot wait to hear about them....when you are ready to tell.

Thank you for the reminder of Trust and Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for being such a wonderful friend!!

Susan said...


These are beatiful points of thankfulness for you to start your year. I pray that God gives you rich rich blessings in 2009.

:-) Susan

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Edie. Thanks for sharing your grateful heart. Happy New Year!

Tambrey said...

I loved reading your post on Thankful Thursday b/c I know I have had quite a year as well! I so understand what you mean also about being in His "presence". We are so fortunate to have a God that is there ALWAYS. Sometimes it is hard for me to put my tiny brain around the many facets of GOD and how awesome He is. I am thankful for you my sweet new friend!

Marla said...

What a great post, I am thankful for meeting you. God has been sending great people my way. I am lonely and I have a wealth of new friends through blogging! Who would have thought?

Daphine said...

Beautiful list of thankfuls! I am thankful that our paths have crossed and that I have met a friend for life!

Continued blessings to you in 2009!

sailorcross said...

I missed Thankful Thursday due to getting my youngest off to the airport.

But, I'm so glad I stopped by and read your list of "thankfuls"!!

I'm still amazed (though I don't know why) of how God is using the internet to bring believers together and hopefully to encourage new believers and nonbelievers.

Blessings to you in this new year, Edie!!