Dec 23, 2008

What Edie Needs for Christmas

It seems that Greg at Greg's General Store has made up another fun meme (accidentally) to find out what you need for Christmas and I'm playing along. Just Google your name, followed by "needs" and see what comes up. Play along so we can see what you need too.

Here we go!

1. Edie needs Pink and Green Polkadots, a new bloggy friend named Edie. That was the first thing that came up and she did a post of this very meme that Greg made up, only she didn't know Greg made it up since she did it in October and Greg just thought of it.

2. Edie needs to go. If you could just direct me to the little girls room Pleeeease!

3. Edie needs to be alive. I am! I am! A precious gift from Jesus!

4. Edie needs no props. Not since I stopped teaching those Sunday School kids.

5. Edie needs more friends. I can always use more friends. Do you want to be my friend?

6. Edie needs information for your demand to count. You can demand me in your city too.

7. Edie needs a green frog outfit by Friday. I have a dinner date and want to look my best.

8. Edie needs him. That's why I want to look my best for that dinner date!

9. Edie needs help planning the reception. I have high expectations of that dinner date.

10. Edie needs someone to boss around, entertain her, and take care of her. Ha! Know anyone who wants to apply for that position?!?
11. Edie needs love. You would too if you looked like this.


Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind ~ Luke 10:27


creative gal said...

I love it!! Thanks for your comment on my blog. :0)



Sue J. said...

Wow, what a riot! I'll have to think about that one....

Check the sizing on that frog costume; make sure the webbing isn't too tight!

Chatty Kelly said...

I laughed out loud about the frog suit!!! I did this yesterday, and didn't find anything fun or overly funny. It was a lot about Kelly Clarkson, R Kelly and someone else...I forget who.

But this was hysterical!

From the Heart said...

That was great. Let us know how the date turns out and if he likes the frog outfit. lol
Merry Christmas,

Irritable Mother said...

High expectations for that dinner date, indeed! LOL

Merry Christmas!!!

Greg C said...

Thanks for playing along. Please sign me up for that friend list. I want to be your friend. :)

Oh down the hall, first door on your left.

Bonita said...

This is so much fun! We have a a lot of costumes around. I might be able to find a frog outfit for you.

I did this on my blog too. Check it out. Apparently, I have some mental issues.