Jan 2, 2009

Fear Not - I AM - Isaiah 41:10

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

Over the last couple of weeks God has placed this scripture in my path and on my heart continuously. I have not been walking if any real "fear" of anything, but He spoke this scripture to my heart and it calmed my spirit. I decided to break this down and do a word study on this scripture, and would like to share with you what I have learned. I used Strongs, Vines, Nelson, and Webster to check definitions.

Fear not ... To be afraid, frightened. To stand in awe. Connotes the psychological reaction of fear. Dread, anxiety. Sense of terror. To imagine or assume in fear. Unbelievers are constantly fearing other people, expecially the righteous. Such fear causes them to act deceitfully in an attempt to hide their sins. The unbeliever has every reason to be panic-stricken at thoughts of God, for he stands condemned before Him. This is not the kind of fear that leads to repentance. Rather it usually leads to a feeble attempt to hide from God or deny His existence and His claim on a person's life.

This scripture begins by telling us not to be afraid. Not to be anxious. Not to imagine things that would cause us to be anxious or frightened. Then it goes on to tell us why we should not fear or be anxious.

for I AM with you ... God is with me. God is with you if you have trusted your life to Jesus Christ. This is an emphasis here because this is already expressed in the meaning of the word used for fear. God is with you and He wants you and me to know it without doubt. He also speaks His Name in this part; I AM. He is the Great I AM. He has no equal, and that Great I AM is with you.

Be not dismayed ... To have regard for. To pay attention to. Shattered, broken, terrified. Is often parralled with to be ashamed. Filled with alarm.

This says to me that we should not be alarmed at the circumstances or events taking place. We should not focus our attention on them and allow them to tear us apart in shame or fear or brokenness.

for I AM your God ... Here God emphasizes again that HE is my God. HE is your God. He is not just a god but He is a very personal God who is with each and every one of us as individually. He belongs to you and He belongs to me. We can boast "My God" like a child might boast "My Father". Again He uses His Name here; the Great I AM is your God.

I will strengthen you ... God will impart His strength to you. You do not need to rely on your own strength but can always rely on His.

Yes, I will help you ... He confirms it by using the word Yes at the beginning of this sentence. There can be no mistaking whether or not He will because He says loud and clear Yes. He will help me. He will help you. Whatever your circumstances He promises to help you. That help may not come in the form of removing the circumstance but He will stay with you and show you what to do. Whatever help is needed to bring about the best outcome for you, He will give it.

I will uphold you ... To take hold of, grasp, hold secure. To be seized. To maintain or support physically, morally, or spiritually. To confirm, decide in favor of. To lift up to a higher position.

God will hold tightly to you. He will not let go. He will hold you securely in His grasp. There is nothing that can remove you from His grasp and that makes it the most secure place you could ever be. He is on your side. He will raise you up.

with My righteous ... To be just, right. According to God's standard. Pronouncement of innocence.

right hand ... Associated with strength, authority, and high status.

By His own power and authority, He can declared you innocent. There is no place greater, or mightier, or higher, or stronger than the righteousness of His right hand.

Father I thank you for continually reminding me of your promise here. That whether the world is crumbling around me, or there are little things eating at my peace, this promise applies. Thank you for the peace that your Words bring. In Jesus Christ - Amen


Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind ~ Luke 10:27


God's girl said...

Edie, very good post!!! I love the way you broke this verse down. To fear or not to fear...that is a choice, and you have pointed out to us that fear doesn't even need to be one of those options because God is in control. Thanks for doing the "homework" on this one.

Blessings! Heaven

My ADHD Me said...

I Love This Verse. I have a friend that I try to give her an index card with a verse on it 3-5 times a week as she has been struggling. Most of the ones I give her, I pull from blogs. Just today I copied Isaiah 43:18-19a. I haven't given it to her yet. I think I am going to hold off and give her this one instead. It's also going to go in my own journal of verses that speak to me.

Seems you're always speaking to me....Thanks.

sailorcross said...


I love the way you have broken this all done into separate phrases and really dug into the meaning of these verse.

God speaks to us through His Word, and sometimes I think that as we read through we often miss the meaning of what He is telling us.

Great job on unpacking this verse, bit by bit, and hitting on the meaning for each and every one of us!!

I have a friend who is going through some crises right now, and I'm going to give her this verse today.

God has spoken to me through you!!

Thanks, Edie!!


Tammy said...

My heart is being stirred to dig deeper into His Word. I really gleaned from this,thanks!

There is power in His Word and by breaking it down gave us more insight on just how much power.


Greg C said...

Edie, I know it is going to be a great year for us. Thank you for your inspirtional posts. I love reading them each day.

Beverlydru said...

I am going to send this post to several people... fear seems to be ramapant these days and this is great detail on a powerful scripture. I've been catching up on blog reading and I love all of your posts - especially on the perfect Christmas. Happy New Year Edie. You are precious.

Chatty Kelly said...

I love the way you did this. This is how we do it in my Friday bible study class. Wish you could come!!! We start back next Friday. :D

Deanna said...

very calming thoughts & truth to keep tucked safely in our hearts!
thanks for a beautiful reminder :O)

a corgi said...

this was a great devotional; I like how you broke down the verse; I'll do the same with verses and I think it really helps to fully grasp what the Lord is saying in his words


Kathryn said...

Edie, I just left this comment on your "Perfect Christmas" post, but it applies here, too!

My daughter and I watched "Facing the Giants" for the umpteenth time last night. In one scene, UGA football coach Mark Richt reminds fictional SCU football coach Grant Taylor that "Fear Not" is recorded in the Bible 365 times.

Now, I haven't confirmed that myself with a manual count, but, as we heard that line in the movie, my daughter turned to me with wide eyes and said, "Mom, that's once for every day of the year! Every single day, God is reminding us not to be afraid!"

May He richly bless your new year with Epiphany hope, love, joy, and peace!

Mary Moss said...

Edie, so often I find that God places a word or a verse on our hearts as a "head's up" or a caution. Sometimes we are not even aware of a situation, a train of thought or a mindset.

From His all-knowing realm, He stoops to help us even when don't know we need it.

Your post comforts and upholds me today. Thank you.

Jody said...

Thank you for this. This past year God has held me secure and I know He will until the end. He has held me securely in His grasp. I'm looking forward to tomorrow knowing all that you have written here. Thank you.
To God be the Glory.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Have I told you how much I adore you, my friend? You are one incredible lady.

This post was so good, I had to read it twice before I could comment. I wanted to be sure I soaked it all in before I responded to it. Basking might be a better word for it. :-)

I love what you found about fear, "to imagine or assume in fear." Most of the time, that is what causes our fear rather than something to actually be fearful of.

I always pictured dismayed to mean saddened or depressed by. I can relate to the shattered, broken, and ashamed. Thank GOD He says we don't have to carry that!

"God will impart His strength to you." The thing that rings in my head about this is that I can NOT utilize MY strength and His simultaneously. It's always one or the other.

The same is true with righteousness.

I've said it before: You are a true rich blessing to us...and to Him!

Marie A. Levy said...


This is one of many fear not verses that I cling to lately. My husband still has not found a job and things can eat away at you if you let them. Glory to God for His mighty word and the peace He gives.


Irritable Mother said...

Amen, Edie. There truly is peace in His Word.
I have often wondered why the God of the universe would want to dwell with me. But since I cannot figure it out, I have decided to simply believe it, trust Him, and give thanks!
Thanks for the time you took to share these encouraging words.

Anonymous said...

This post was meant for me! Panic-stricken could so describe me for the past few days! Thank you so much for the reminder that I am not alone and comfort is only a pray away!

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

I love this post Edie.. and your signature with the cross is so nice..
I was listening to a program on the study of the sin called
'' sloth'' very interesting.. you probably know all about it..
..the word in this context actually means depression..but at one time was classified as being meloncoly, lazy,sad, etc.spirit~
....so to take it to the ultimate sin would be suicide.. The show on the History channel went back as as far as they could and discussed how this has changed over the centuries.. very interesting..well have a great day, hugs, Patty

Melanie said...

Thank you for this word study today.
I am on a hospital computer b/c of an unfortunate turn of events yesterday.
Yet I have the peace of God because of the prayers of friends, family and God's Word.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Fear Not for I AM with you.
You know this really grips my heart!
Especially with all the junk I told ya about.

Thanks for sharing this Edie. I know with all my heart God used you to share it. It's like.. Knowing God has you... you don't have to worry that you can't swim... you still get to enjoy the water.


From the Heart said...

Thanks for reminding me that I don't have to fear anything. My husband and I are at the age in our lives where the future looks dim, but this verse helps me know that we need not fear, our life is already in His hands. He has always supplied our needs and sometimes more and I know He will continue to do so as long as I stay close to Him.
I woke up about 1:45 am this morning with some anxiety, rumbling in my stomach, almost shaking. I got up got me some sprite, sat down in my recliner and started praying. I prayed for everyone I could think of including those requests on my blog and in emails and family. I also prayed for peace of mind and peace in my body. I don't know how long that lasted but when I woke up at either 7 or 8, I felt so much better. Your scripture confirmed whatever was bothering my spirit. That happens to me a lot sometimes. God has been so good to me. If you have not read my post "Reach Out and Touch" it will tell you some of the things I've been through and how God has carried me.
I value your friendship and your words of wisdom. God is using you in so many ways.
Be blessed,

Marla said...

What a lovely post! You are really good explaining what the verse means. God is Good!

Becoming Me said...

Wonderful post. I have struggled with fear for as long as I can remember and am so encouraged by the truth

Gwendolyn said...

Wow! I love how you did this! How did you know just what I needed to read? :o)

Daphine said...

Loved this post! Thanks so much for the encouragement! WOW!

Have a great weekend!

Daphine said...

Oh....THANKS for the fondue recipe.

I really appreciate the trouble you went through in finding and sending it to me.

Thanks again lady!

Barb said...

This verse and your comments really seemed to have hit home for a lot of people. For me, it is a reminder AGAIN, to trust Him. He is with me and it's HIS arm, HIS strength, HIS righteousness that holds me up and keeps me going, not my own (thankfully!).

Thanks for posting this scripture and thought.

michele said...

Wonderful post...awesome scripture, thank you.

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sis!!!
I'm back and I had to hurry here to give you a big (((Hugz)))) and wish you a Happy New Year!!! I love this post, what an encouraging post to read and ponder on. I know all who read this will be blessed, because I certainly was. Keep writing and sharing what the Lord puts upon your heart, I can't wait to read more.

Luv ya Lorie

debrah said...

great post Edie! Have a very blessed new year.

debrah said...
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Rick said...
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LisaShaw said...

Edie, I knew there was something EXTRA I loved about you. This very Scripture has shown up in my life countless times. It's highlighted in my Bible, I've prayed it aloud OFTEN, there is more I could share on that but I will say coming out of a FEAR BASED child hood and young adult years GOD used this Scripture to bring confidence and courage to my life and then about two year ago I broke it down with the help of the Holy Spirit, just as you did and I began to view it on an even deeper level.

God's word is always alive and active we simply need to activate it into every area of our lives.

I thank GOD for using you to bring this passage before me again when I am faced with a great blessing and challenge this year to do something He's purposed in my life from the beginnng of time. This Scripture is my assurance!

Thank You Abba Father for always keeping Your word before me. Please bless your daughter and servant Edie with a special and divine favor that only You can provide. I thank You Abba in Jesus Name. Amen.

Anonymous said...

WOOOHOOOOO! This was so awesome! Thank you for such a beautiful post. God used you to minister to my soul! Love, Heather

Dorothy Champagne said...

What a talent to be able to break scripture down like that - it's exactly how we need to see it!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

~HAPPY NEW YEAR~ Just wanted to remind you the Happy New Year offer ends Mon. Jan. 5th at noon for the free 8x10 print. Spread the word for people to post and e-mail David Bowman by then :) Have a beautiful Sunday! ♥ Hugs! Shauna

Kathy S. said...

Ahh, what wonderful words! I loved the part about His righteous right hand. Authority...I understand it shelters me.

LisaShaw said...


My heart drew me back here again today to this message. I think so far this year it's the message that ministers the most to my life! I thank GOD for that and for placing it upon your heart.

Love ya.