Sep 16, 2009

Tobi and the Evil Cat

This is my sweet little Tobi. I love her to death but there are times when she seems to be under the delusion that she is in control around here. I want you to know that she is deliberately not looking at me because she knows I'm taking her picture. Usually she wants to be right up in the picture but she was feeling a little rebellious right then. Maybe she was just embarrassed about the scar on her pretty little face.

Yes I tried for another one and she did it again.

Last week I opened the back door to let Tobi in and just at that moment she heard something in the garden so she went to inspect the territory. Just as she thought, a cat! It had been a while since she ripped the squeaker out of something furry so she thought she would try it now. But this cat was evil.

Instead of running for dear life and trying to get out of the yard, which it didn't belong in to begin with, it held it's ground. The two of them were right in front of me hissing and snarling and baring teeth all over the place. I grabbed a towel that was near the door and tried to shoo the cat away with it but it hissed at me. Now as much as I love animals, that was just wrong. I flung the towel at it a bit harder and it ran under the fence, and then it turned around and watched us.

I let Tobi in the house and as I closed the door I saw the evil cat slink back into my yard and resume it's position in my garden, as my dog sits in front of me with blood all over her nose and ear. So I went and got a squirt bottle, set it at the long and straight stream and made sure that cat knew it was not welcome. I haven't seen it since.

Fortunately the cat didn't get Tobi's eyeball but it did get her bottom eye lid. This is what an antibiotic looks like after it has been stuffed into the center of a hot-dog, chewed up and then spit out... twice. I had to make her an egg, over easy, and mix it in the egg to get her to take what was left of this.

This is proof that I really love my dog.


A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!


Sue J. said...

I hope Tobi's wounds--external and internal--heal up nicely. For some reason, cats are attracted to me, and it's all I can do to get away from them. We have a few that invite themselves into our yard, and the longer these cats spend outside, the more ownership they feel they have.

Hang in there, Tobi; you're still top dog at your house!! (Next to Mama, of course)

B His Girl said...

Lol on turning the head in the photo. He knew he was going to be a post. The cat must be staking out territory for a catch. A few more pills and he will be ready to take evil cat on again. I can tell you love your dog, however I think he may be spoiled: ) B

Kelly Combs said...

I immediately worry if the cat was rabid. That is just unusual behavior. Of course, if Toby's had his shots, he's okay.

My deceased dog, Casey, was just like that. She would swallow a pill for anything. I really think it's a sign of high intellegence. My 2 current dogs will swallow one easy-peasy. They aren't so bright. :-)

My ADHD Me said...

I've always been amazed (ok, not amazed exactly but something close to that), how my dog can eat AROUND her pills.

I've also never been fond of cats (and sorry, but that is putting it nicely). It just seems they are too fond of hiding under sofas and then reaching out and attacking ankles as you walk by. There must have been some kind of cat trauma in my childhood, lol.

Hope Toby is okay!

Have a terrific day!!!!

Heart2Heart said...


So glad that Tobi is alright. I know how wild some outdoor cats can be. I guess all that inter fighting among other cats keeps them on the defensive and mean.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Greg C said...

Haha, I am lauging at the pill. We tried that for years but our dogs would always manage to eat the hotdog and spit out the pill. Now we have cats and spend all our time chasing dogs away. :)

Wendy said...

I had a German Shepherd when I was little. She had a huge scar on her nose from my cat. It's funny, but after that they were the best of friends. Sammy,(dog) would even carry Smokey(cat)around like she was a puppy. They slept on the same bed, mine, payed together it was too funny to watch.

Pinkshoelady said... dear friend what we will do for our beloved pets.
I had always been a firm believer in animals were created for outdoors. That is until we got our own puppy 3 years ago. A week after we got her we discovered she had parvo. I gave her meds every hour on the hour for 48 hours. Holding, rocking and praying for this little puppy who was now under my care like a baby. Needless to say she only goes outside to do her business.

Praying for a quick healing and for protection from evil cats.

Love you

Anonymous said...

Oh Edie! Poor Tobi! And yep...I do those kinds of things for my four legged baby, too.

I hope Tobi feels better soon and the nasty cat stays away!! (Aren't squirt bottles great for scaring them away??!!)

KrippledWarrior said...

Just a few "BIKER TYPE" recommendations.
1. Put a milk-bone under your lens the pooch will not look away.
2. put the pill in a wad of peanut butter.
3. trade the spray bottle for a SUPER-SOAKER(a big one).
4. put masking tape "Sticky-side" up on the ground by the fence hole where the demon cat comes in. Or try a claymore if you're really serious.

2Thinks said...

I hope the dog's eyelid will be okay. Wow. The pill thing, now that is funny.

I used to have cats growing up, but I'm not too fond of cats now. I'd love to get a puppy, but I'm not home enough now to train it, I don't think.

I'm currently in the process of killing my new Bonsai tree, not on purpose, but...oh, it's just sad.

Jane In The Jungle said...

Ok get of our dogs eats anything..I can put a pill on the floor in front of her and she eats it! I'm not kidding, hilarious!!

My hubby calls my cat "devil cat" only because she doesn't like him, not because she's been mean like the evil cat!

Lea said...

YUP YOU LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An egg over easy huh? lolololololol