Sep 22, 2009

Today is Tuesday. You Know What That Means...

Well, when you're at ADHD-Jo's you know what that means. Over here you can never be quite sure. Today it means that we're going to have a special guest, just like ADHD-Jo does every Tuesday.

My bloggie friend Heidi was in the JDRF Walk for a Cure (Walk to cure diabetes) in South Bend, IN last weekend, and she dressed uniquely to help any bloggie friends that might be walking for the cause, or watching for the cause, identify her. These are Heidi's feet. Notice the identifying factor?

This reminded me of a tv series staring a little girl who used to wear mismatched socks. Actually, she wore mismatched shoes too, but she was always in style. Punky Brewster was a show about caring. I enjoyed it then and as I was looking for a clip that was less than 10 minutes long, I discovered that I still enjoy it. I hope you do too!

And be sure to visit Monkey's are Funny to see who the special guest is over there.


A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!


Jane In The Jungle said...

I LOVED Punkey Brewster!!!
For one year my youngest son wore his shoes on the wrong feet, then he sarted wearing mis-matched shoes after that...loved it!

Heart2Heart said...

I love that Heidi did this. We are all a little bit like that in that we are all similar but also unique different. Will we all look closer to get to know the person beneath or will we just pass judgment and walk away?

Love this post!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Laurie said...

Hi Edie,
I don't know much about Punky Brewster, but I appreciate others being unique! Love and blessings, Laurie

Laurie said...

Hi Edie,
I don't know much about Punky Brewster, but I appreciate others being unique! Love and blessings, Laurie

Kelly Combs said...

I never watched this show, but I remember her name. (her real name...Moon Frye).

Tuesdays are always good for special guests.

KrippledWarrior said...

I love Heidi's sox. And yours and Kat's, Heidi's and KC's heart for the lord. I'm thankful for all of you.
I never watched Punk. But her real name is Soliel Moon Frye. I'm a nit-pic. and a smart Alec.

From the Heart said...

I've never heard of this show either but enjoyed your post. Thanks for all your visits.
Luv u,

Susan said...

Oh yes, Punky Brewster WAS unique!! Thanks for sharing this post!!

Laura said...

Awww. I loved Punky too!

Just came from Andrea's and wanted to say what a nice job you did with her redecorating! She is blessed to have a friend like you :)

2Thinks said...

Ahh, thanks for the link and all, Edie. I do love socks :) I wear socks all the time, mostly, long, fuzzy ones. Colorful and always 100% cotton. I've heard of this t.v. show, but never viewed it.

You're the bestest.

Heidi@ 2 Thinks to Share

My ADHD Me said...

I had forgotten about that show!

Love those socks!!

I had some catching up on reading to do. Felt sick yesterday and thought I was coming down with a bad cold, but today is a little better so maybe it was a 24 (or 28) hr bug.

So even though "Today Is WEDNESDAY!" I still love your post.

Oh, and you're probably right. If you had been with me, you have been jumping right with me!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the show!!

~PakKaramu~ said...

Visiting your blog