Sep 25, 2009

The Weeks Worth

Just some of the stuff that made up my week. Some thoughts, observations, or events.

1... I have noticed that the price of gas has been going down again lately. I'm a little nervous about making that observation public.

2... This is the inside of my Envoy. Notice that I have three rows of seats. I thought that was pretty cool so I could carry extra passengers if need be. What I don't understand is why the manufacturer didn't include another way to get into that 3rd set of seats except to climb over the 2nd set. The kids don't seem to mind it. Would you?

3... I think that the manufacturers of coffee makers with an automatic shut-off feature should make the length of time before shutting off programmable. Cold coffee just isn't good.

4... Have you ever noticed that God gave ants the ability to materialize out of thin air? I had a slow trickle of ants on the pantry floor this week. I killed them all, swept them up, then three or four materialized right in front of me. No matter how many times I killed them, they just kept materializing.

5... I really dislike the sensation of being hot and cold at the same time. I don't know whether to take something off or put something on.

6... One night while I was sleeping, I felt some light movement on the back of my shoulder. I reached behind me to wipe my shoulder and felt something round get caught between two of my fingers. As I brought my hand forward, the object was flung out of my fingers and I heard it hit the wall, then I fell back to sleep.

I was sleeping pretty deeply it seems, as I woke up enough to remember the details (vividly), but not enough to care much at the time. The next day I fully realized that what I felt was a good size spider crawling on my shoulder. I heard it hit the wall. Yuk! I also realized that God was watching over me. I'm so glad He doesn't sleep. I'm still recovering from the trauma.

Have a great weekend!


A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!


Tammy said...

The minute I read "I felt a light movement" I held my breath. There would've been no way that I could have fallen back to sleep. Weren't you the just a little bit curious?

I know what you mean by your hot and cold sensation. Look at this way, you can turn it into a mini-vacation and save on airfare. The Bahamas and Alaska wrapped up as one :)

Love and Hugs~Tammy

Sue J. said...

I saw "week's WORTH" on my blog role and automatically started laughing! Trade those words, are you kidding!?

The ants are extremely diligent now, and God did make them that way on purpose. (Ants are sluggards are a big part of Proverbs.) Unfortunately, they are not welcome visitors in the home, and certainly not the pantry.

I had them coming up from the middle of the floor through a space in the wood planking. I put spray down there, and they moved over a few feet and came up from a different spot. Eventually, I got the last of them near the A/C-heat vent by the floor near the window. Seem to be gone for now.

Any kind of creepy-crawly in the middle of the night is just that--creepy!! Praises, indeed, for our mighty Watchman!

The middle seat on the left looks like it folds down, does it not? That's a little crazy!

B His Girl said...

Glad on the gas. Yes to the coffee staying hot longer. Yikes on the spider. Interesting on the 3rd row.
Overall I'd say it has been a good week. Keep watch...more good things to come. B

My ADHD Me said...

1. shh

2. I call shotgun!

3. Diet Coke- No program necessary.

4. Sounds like the making of a new movie. Instead of Arachnophobia it would be called Myrmecophobia (fear of ants).-thanks to

5. a strange phenomenom that hits around the age of 40.

6. UGH!!! (wahaha) UGH!!!!!

LisaShaw said...

I'm so with you on 3, 4 and 5. 6 wigged me out. That happened to me once but I kept the little critter in my hand, turned on the light and freaked out! I then realized within moments I began itching and swelling on my arm. I applied something to it from the First Aid Kit and was so disgusted because I couldn't get back to sleep. It was 2am and at that time I worked full time and rose at 5am for work so I was not happy but then neither was the spider who laid dead in the garbage!!

Love ya!

Kelly Combs said...

#2 - the small seat in the 2nd row should have a handle that makes it flip all the way up and out of the way. Still a hassle, but it does move to allow passengers in the 3rd row.

#3 - the other day I reheated my coffee twice and finally gave up. However, if you click the pot off then on ever time you get a cup of coffee, it restarts the timer.

(am I a fixer or what??? Both my comments are trying to resolve for you).

4. Still fixing, "terro". Find it at Home Depot. It works AWESOME! You will see loads more ants, then none.

6. ECK! That is why I love my orkin man. He is the best. :-)

Great post!

Andrea said...

OOOH....a spider in your bed. I would have been wide awake by then!

I am right there with you with the 3 row seating and the coffee maker. Of course, our 3rd row stays down most of the time with dog beds on top of it. Our furry kids use a ramp to enter and exit from the rear. Guess I should take pics sometime and post about it.

Love you and thanks for everything. I am thankful GOD brought you into my life.


KrippledWarrior said...

As long as the seats come out so I can pull the Scooter in I'm happy. I don't drink coffee. Can't stand the taste hot or cold. Hot and cold at the same time. Might be a stroke. call the paramedics. As a boy playing soldiers I was lying in the high grass in ambush mode, when I felt something lite on my shoulder. I reached back and grabbed it and when I looked at it; it was a hummingbird. not everything that goes bump in the night is bad.
Love ya bunches.

Anonymous said...

Good post!

If I found cold coffee I'd add ice to make it really cold and sip it in the sun! ;o)

I totally relate with the being cold and hot at the same time and I don't like it either!

AND the spider thing.... same thing happened to me - only it was ON MY FACE - and I couldn't get back to sleep until I found it and made sure it was D-E-A-D!

Yes....I'm thanking God that He does not sleep too!

Irritable Mother said...

OK, that spider thing is just creepy!
As for the cold coffee, I agree. No good. But is hot coffee really any better??? *grin*

Beverlydru said...

My husband, Jim, and I feel compelled to do a prayer conference call for Andrew.
Sun., Sept. 27, 3 PM EST
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We will lead and the line will be open. Come as you are. More details on my blog

Angie said... had me shiverin' with the spider! I thought, spider or ---ugh...roach...they can seem to come from nowhere and squeeze into a locked up shut up window! Either one and I would be hollering!

Yes, I am thrilled that He never slumbers nor sleeps as it is written in Isaiah.

What a blessing!