Feb 15, 2009

Project 365 - February 15, 2009

Project 365

It's time for Project 365 again and I'm late! Sara at Make Music From Your Heart to the Lord is our hostess in this fun meme. Please go visit her, say hi, and join in the fun.

Here's my week!

Day 1 - The girls made valentines to pass out at school and give to family members. There was glitter all over us by the time we were finished.

Day 2 - Made 7 can soup. It is very good and gets rave reviews from even the hardiest eaters.

Day 3 - Went to the post office to mail a couple of gifts to good friends. ;)

Day 4 - Went to pick up the girls from school. The sun was in Ashleigh's eyes so she wore my sunglasses and was just about asleep by the time we got to the school.

Day 6 (missed day 5) - Went to my friend Angela's to hang out and watch a movie. This is Angela posing for the camera. After this we had a bit of a wrestling match over the camera. We were laughing so hard our stomaches hurt.

Day 6 (pic 2) - I found a little surprise in my mail.

Day 6 (pic 3) - Aw how sweet. Gee I wonder who this could be from. ;) Thank you "L".

Day 7 (pic 1) - Valentine gifts

Day 7 (pic 2) - Made some cinnamon crisps. Oh look, there's one missing! I wonder how that happened.


Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind ~ Luke 10:27


Chatty Kelly said...

I love seeing your week in review. I really do! It's like I'm right there running errands with you. A happy thought. Pass me a cinnamon crisp...and put on the coffee pot.

sara said...

oh, I love that you guys are "making" your valentines!!! in our house, we make all our birthday cards!!

So, what is is that yummy looking soup?

looks like a great week!

Daphine said...

Great week in review! Can I have your soup recipe? It looks yummy!!!

BECKY said...

Too cute, Edie!! Hope your weekend has been a joyful one!! I'll be in touch about everything else!! :o)
Sweet Blessings,

mama's smitten said...

Grandkids, gifts , treats! What a fun week!Thabks for sharing.

My ADHD Me said...

Soup, chocolate, cinnamon crisps .... now I'm hungry!!

Oh wait, I have some chocolate here! Thanks to someone's trip to the post office! Thanks!!!!

Beverlydru said...

I LOVE cinnamon. If you want to share that recipe, I'm game! ; )

LuAnn said...

Great picture with the sunglasses. Is there a recipe for your cinnamon crisp? They made my mouth water.
Blessings on your week!

B His Girl said...

Fun photos...I want to see your crafting supply Edie and chat over that soup. Hi Angela. b

Nise' said...

The soup and cinnamon crisps look delcious (I must be hungry).

Sue J. said...

Someone got a rough "bump" on her nose....But she wears your sunglasses well! That's a lot of work--the card and gift making, and the deliveries, etc.

WHEW! Busy, busy week! No wonder you needed a cinnamon crisp. Oh...heh-heh...did I say "you"? It didn't have to be you, of course....that just came out....

Dorothy Champagne said...

oooh I envy your commitment to this. Great pictures!

Susan said...

Looks like you had a GREAT week! Those cinnamon crisps look simply divine.


B His Girl said...

Hey, last night when I was on the B log, every comment was gone under my post...not just yours. I would not delete you. I have not looked at my blog today. I am trying to focus on other things : )Someone suggested I take a quiz to see if I was addicted to my blog. Remember that???? I am trying to cut back and focus on bugging other bloggers. lol. My five minutes on the computer is almost up. bye

Greg C said...

Great week in review. Could I have that soup recipe please.

Sharon said...

Too funny, I loved that picture of the soup it looked so yummie!
And the picture of the hand hahaha I have one on my site as well!
You always have a way of making us smile.
Happy valentines

The Patterson 5 said...

Your week in review is always such a joy! You find blessing in every moment, truly giving your all to life! Thanks for sharing!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

What a great week in review!
That 7can soup looks FABULOUS! The cinnamon crisps for dessert would be perrrrrfect*
Okay, now isn't Linda the friend you went to Women of Faith with and she didn't like her pic taken then either right? lolol
Great valentines and is that the card you told me about? Hmm?
SMOOCHY holykisses chickadee!

Jody said...

It's always fun and a highlight to see your pictures. Have a great week.

Ashley Vincent said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for my gift. It was great. Tarrah loved the candy haha. I am going to try to make the cinnamon crisps. I cant wait!

B His Girl said...

Edie it's funny because I just read Greg's post about how many new readers site meter is reporting to his blog. I am praying the Lord will use our blogs not just in our Holy huddle although I enjoy my bloggy friends a lot. I want to reach out. Edie, God has given you a sweetness that comes across your blog. We all know we would like you in person. His favor is on you. I think He wants us to realize the potential of the www in a greater way. Oh, are you going to Lysa T's book thing in Dallas? Check out her blog post today if you didn't see it. It sounds fun. You could be there for us. B

Kathy S. said...

great photos! Looks like lots of fun. Forgive me, maybe it is me, or maybe rotel doesn't make it to Wisconsin...what is it??? =P

It really does look like fun! I haven't had a kid fix in awhile!

Tracy said...

So much fun to scroll back through your last few posts. I just had to write you about this one...I think I mentioned it on your Creations for His Glory site, but I want to mention it here, too. I was so grateful for the bookmark wrapped in the doily idea. I made them for my Bible study girls and they LOVED them...wouldn't you know there were a few Dove chocolates left over after filling up the little wraps. ; ) That soup looks yummy and so do the cinammon crisps! Just might have to make them in my downtime the next couple of weeks!

Tracy = )