Oct 18, 2009

Project 365 - October 18, 2009

Project 365
It's time again for our week in pictures. Thank you Sara for hosting this fun meme. Here we go!

Sunday - On the way home from church. ...Word Girl

Computer Girl and Miss Personality.

Monday - We played Give a Kid a Camera so I'm sharing a few pictures that came out of that.
Computer Girl hasn't been getting enough sleep at night.

A little patriotism in the home.

She really did a great job of getting my cross wall. This is in the entry way and I can never get a good photo. Now I know who to call.

I love this one. That chest of drawers and dresser on top of the china cabinet were made by my dad when he was a boy. The dresser used to have a mirror in it but it broke years ago. I've been meaning to put another on in it's place but haven't gotten to it. You can't tell from this picture but there was quite a bit of detail in the work.

The story goes that he made them for a girlfriend but his only sister, and baby of the family wanted them so badly that he gave them to her. Over the years they were passed down to me. I'm so glad because I only have a couple of things that belonged to my dad.

Tuesday - Breakfast, an onion bagel with cream cheese. Mmmmm

Wednesday - She just kept raising her eyes at me like "you're bothering me."

Thursday - I looked out the back door and discovered that one of my garden turtles had lost her head. Oh my!

Friday - Ah the scent of Pumpkin Spice.

Saturday - When was the last time you cleaned the top of your refrigerator? This was after I wiped off the first inch of dirt. That's an exaggeration but it was pretty ucky up there.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


"A girl needs to be so lost in God, that the guy is going to have to seek HIM to find her!" ...Maya Angelou


sara said...

you mean you are supposed to clean the top of your refrigerator?.....better go check mine! :)

Love you crosses!!! she really did a great job capturing them.

great week!

Kim said...

hahaha - I cleaned the top of my fridge this week too! Probably the first time in months. Also took everything off the pantry shelves and washed those down. Starting the spring cleaning (yes, it's Spring here!)

How special to have those things your dad made. I have my daddy's cast iron skillet :-) Makes the best cornbread!

The wall of crosses - wow! Very, very cool!

Have a great week :-)

2Thinks said...

Well the girls are cute as ever, the cross wall is amazing! I'm glad for you that you have those special pieces your dad made, they are nice. Love onion bagels w/cream cheese. Turtle- HAHAA! That's funny. Gorilla glue it. You know I have one of those candle jar warmers, but wouldn't you know I never seem to buy jar candles the right size/shape to fit on the warmer. I bought oval, that didn't work, I bought a square one- nope- just sat right on top of the warmer above the warmer part. !

Top of the fridge, now there's a topic everyone can relate to. I'm sure mine is gooey with dust stuck in. It's the same on top of the hood above the stove. Ick.

As for your comment on "She Still Calls Me Daddy" Waahaaaahaaaahaa!!
That did make me laugh out loud LOL! I'm glad I'm not the only one who quickly clicked on a book thinking, "I'll be adventurous!" and was later staring at it wondering what I was thinking. I'm stalling right now on the first book I picked- Beautiful Mess- though I actually like it now. Can't wait to get that review done though, I feel I've cheated TN or something for taking so long.

Have a grrrrreat week! (that was my Tony the Tiger grrrrrrreat)

Gee, should I just write you a personal book?

Sue J. said...

Kudos for sharing the top of your fridge! If I moved all the stuff off the top of mine, maybe I could see all the stuff that lies beneath, too!

Sorry about your turtle--any leads?

Irritable Mother said...

Oh. You are funny.
Convict me about the state of the top of my refrigerator - while I have a bad back and can't cimb up and clean it - (as if I would anyway! LOL) and then tell me to Enjoy the rest of my day???
You are a very funny lady, Edie!

Irritable Mother said...

Er, I meant cLimb.
It's this back pain - I can't think straight!
But I can sure come up with excuses.

From the Heart said...

Beautiful pictures. Hopefully the top of my refrigerator will be cleaned in November when the cleaning ladies do a full clean. I just can't do those kind of things anymore and I've got rods in my back.

Poor turtle and dog.

You are such a great grandmother.
The wall of crosses is beautiful.

If I did the Pictures it would taken me only about 2 times and I would not have any more pictures to take. There's just so much you can't do when you live in an apartment and don't get out much. I'm just not the out door type and I don't drive. This computer and all of you keep me sane. Praise God for all of you.
Have a blessed day,

KrippledWarrior said...

The kiddos are very cute. Thanks for being a flag waver. Your turtle didn't loose it's head. It's right over there. The crosses look like some great tattoo ideas. Your father gave you much more than a china hutch. And the top of my refer is out of sight out of mind...
Love ya bunches.

rita said...

Edie, thanks for stopping by my blog!
I love yours this week: the cross wall; the daddy furniture; the bagel mmmmmmm; the candle scent; the dirt on fridge :); the Maya A quote. Did you notice that you covered all the senses?
The girls are the greatest treasure, love'em!

Lea said...

I was soooooooooooooooooooo
getting into this post and totally lovin all the pictures and then you went and done it... YOU JUST HAD TA SHOW THAT DARN FRIDGE! Thanks Edie... I know I won't get thru tomorrow without feeling the urge to clean mine now. I'm short, so usually it's OUT OF MY sight, out of my mind. NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Afternoon Edie :) Hey do you have like a star wars theme for a template lol for Jacobs blog.
Oh girl I dooont eeeeeeven want to look on top of my icebox :( Thats the only thing I hate cleaning, Like man how does it get so dirty up on top of it :(